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September 5, 2016 - SamRan

The heavily remorse case

Got hired, hate it. Can’t switch positions or to another Target because I’m under that insanely stupid 90-day policy that only benefits Target. Looking into quitting before I can fulfil the 90 days.. sure, I’ll taint my name, but it’s gotten so bad that I don’t care anymore.

RedCards suck. No one wants your lousy 5%, it’s not worth it. Bet that not even one of those high-class snobs that own the company or manages a store have one either.

Thanks for using your employees to boost your RedCard sales, forcing them to get one when hired. Thanks for giving me a traumatic experience, I seriously flinch when someone says red, wears red, or if someone has a target bag or mentions anything with the word Target in the sentence. Thanks for saying you only hired me because I’m pretty and you thought your RedCard sales would go up. Thanks for making me loose weight and get multiple stress pimples over your stupid card. Thanks for being the cause behind multiple breakdowns and anxiety ridden 31-minute breaks. Thanks for making me hate any acronym, ETL LOD BOB ABC. Thanks for yelling at me in front of everyone HR and for telling everyone to yell at me consecutively for a week, for going into compliance ONCE. Thanks for not understanding the concept of privacy HR and telling everyone I was sick before and now that I’d like to leave and “can’t handle the pressure” (the word you’re looking for is harrassment, it fits better). Thanks for trapping me in a 90-day contract which I wasn’t notified about until after signing everything. Thanks for not believing me and expecting me to work when I had an infection and called in sick, making me feel worse. Thanks for giving me experience on how to handle whiny and bratty customers, since that’s all you seem to have (And yes, I called them customers, not guests.). Thanks for making me fall back on school. Thanks for introducing me to the worst store leader that doesn’t even know how to handle customers properly, let alone their employees. Thanks for the constant put down.

But truly, I am grateful for opening my eyes. Never shopping or allowing any of my friends and family to shop there ever again, let alone apply and work there. Now I’m going to do more research before applying anywhere.

Hopefully whoever reads this takes it as a warning, and to heart.

It really is that bad working there, no one is exaggerating. 


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    90-day trial periods are standard for most companies.I have worked for 3 different companies in the last 10 years and every single one had a 90-day trial period. I've been on many more interviews at companies that all referenced similar trial periods. During this period if you're struggling you normally will be let go. It's not exactly a contract, it's more of a understanding to see if you're a good fit for the company. As a new employee you need to prove yourself the first 90-days are critical to making a good impression. If you owned a business would you want brand new unproven employees having run of the place? I do not understand why people complain about the word guest being used in replace of customer. I have worked at 4 retail establishments in my life and 3 of those all used the word guest and not customer. The term guest in retail is not exclusive to Target. Here let's look at this definition of guest from "a customer at a hotel, restaurant, etc." Well look at that there is the word customer being used in reference to guest. Not only that etc. represents retail. At the Grocery Store and Home Improvement store I worked at besides Target it was very clearly explained to me why we call customers guest. It was never explained at Target. We call them guest because we are welcoming them into our store just like we would our home and we want to treat them like guest. Target is private property everyone who comes into the store is doing so as a guest of a Target. They are being welcomed in to take part in what Target has to offer. The term guest is very much appropriate in this sense if you look at multiple definitions of it.

    • SamRan says:

      I understand now why they use the term guest, thank you; however, it's the fact that they don't accept you calling guests customers that annoy me and probably others. It's as if customers is the forbidden word, the Voldemort in target world, "he who shall not be named". Customers and guests, now, seem to be the same, so why can't we call them either or? Why are we forced to say guests and if we don't, we're chided? We also probably view the word guests as someone we enjoy having, we will go above and beyond for, and the customers that I have seen (except the very very few I've rarely come across) are all rude and incomprehensible.

      The 90-day trial period, to me, was explained as I can't leave within my 90-days without them not referencing me in another job or accepting me at another Target. Sure, I'll bend a little bit with the referencing part, but for another Target? I clearly already know all the acronyms, system, and policies, so why can't I switch within my 90 days to another target or another position? I've been here for a month and a half by the way, so it's not like I'm leaving the next day. I've also have other jobs with no trial periods, this is the first I've heard of and only heard of after I was officially in. What irks me about this 90-day contract isn't that they want to scope me out, it's that only they win in all of this. If I leave, I won't be referenced in other jobs or accepted in another target, it's as if my 88 days of experience didn't count if I just leave on the 89th day, for good reason too. However, they can fire me anytime for any reason AND fire me at the end of my 90 days for a reason and still decide not to reference me. Overall, it doesn't work for my end, just Target's.

      You say it isn't quite a contract but let's look at the definition of contract, "a binding agreement between two or more persons or parties; especially : one legally enforceable." I'll let you come up with the conclusion with this newfound information.

  • TarSecret says:

    Seriously if you can't last at target you won't last at any other job. I was cashier/service desk for 3 years! And yes I did. Train in sales floor it took me 7 months tho! You have to earn your wings. You can't just train when you have not even mastered the front end aka cashier .And I have got yelled at by my manager but I didn't quit this is the working world . And your bearly not even pass your 90 days good luck my friend 90 days is like every job. And I hate those red cards to sold em for 3 years tho just ask each guest and you'd be fine but with your attitude they won't end up keeping you.

    • TargetSucks says:

      That's not a fair statement. If they don't last a week at target, it could be because they're too smart to stay there. There's no reason to stay at a job you hate, especially with this shit company.

    • SamRan says:

      I've had previous jobs before Target, all cashier, and all didn't want to let me go but I left due to other reasons (moving, low payment, etc.), so I clearly am not horrible at it from the positive reviews from managers and supervisors I've gotten. Three supervisors (or whatever those line directors are called) themselves at Target have complemented me on my score (always had a 99% or 100%), so I'm clearly not bad and can last in any BETTER, LESS STRESSFUL, jobs out there.

      You're sounding awfully like those line directors, "just ask each guest!" As if 85% of the guests aren't already locals or have the Redcards, 5% don't want a Credit Card, and the rest don't have or carry a blank check with them. The red cards aren't that simple as just asking, it requires the customers to do their part as well.

      I got yelled at multiple times throughout the day for minuscule things. I was doing my job as a CASHIER, providing a fast and friendly checkout, not as a SALES PERSON. All they seemed to care about is selling the RedCard and that isn't for me. I was comfortable about asking, yes, but they wanted me to bend over backwards and throw a party to get a RedCard. Sometimes I even asked 3 times unknowingly!

      I noticed I could do better so I'm going to go achieve better.

  • Silverfox says:

    actually it's more like if he can't deal with nasty people he won't last at any job.


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