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January 6, 2016 - TargetEmployee22

Fuck Tarshit

Here’s a little bit about me. I am a minor (17), this is my first job, and I am a female employer. I’m a hardworker and i’m extremely outgoing with customers.

Its been about 3 months working at Target. I was excited to work here considering i’ve shopped here with my family for years. I enjoy working in Electronics, but overal hate the store and the dumbass LOD’s and shit. When I was hired, Target told me I had a permanant job in electronics. So I was extremely happy considering this is my first job. Everything’s been good here except for the employee’s, the hours, and the organization. Lets start with the organization shall we.

Target is THE MOST unorganized place i’ve ever seen. What a shit hole I tell ya. Sometimes when Electronics isnt busy, we have to zone in both Electronics and Toys. I’ve never wanted to kill myself more. Some of my employee’s hate doing work, so they throw shit around or just stay at what we call the Boat (middle of electronics). These are some of the laziest fuckers i’ve ever seen. They’re cool don’t get me wrong but they’re so fed up with working here that they simply don’t care and just tell me not to do shit because Target sucks balls. On the walkees, people are always requesting help to the check lanes and its just the most unorganized thing since the LODS get pisssed when nobody helps. Like, whos fault is that. Yours. And the reshop carts are the WORST. Never organized. Shit just gets randomly thrown in there. Do your job guest services.

The employee’s in electronics are very nice and hillarious. Sometimes I feel like they’re a little flirty but hey whatever I guess its not the worst even though my boyfriend hates it lol. Other than the electronic department, everyone either sees me as a threat or some type of sex toy. Apparently once I told someone I was 17, rumors about me started, and everyone freaked out because they thought I was older. Well, suprise bitches you’re staring at a minors ass LOL. Even the guy who hired me thought I was in my 20’s. He even warned me before being hired that guys would flirt with me. Go figure. And the girls here find me as a threat. I guess my hard work/ looks bothers them. Pathetic. This job is a joke. Treat me with some respect. Especially the female employees and LOD’s who look at me with the bitchiest faces and give me attitude. What did I ever do to you?

Finally, the hours here are horrible. This is now the 2nd week they’ve forgot to put my name on the schedule. HR is NEVER AT THE STORE so I can never speak to them. We have 2 HR members and thats it. Like wtf Target get your shit together and hire some people. Anyways…I request to work for everyone. I like having hours. I want to work the amount I can here and they don’t let me. Like, why not take advantage and let me work more? I WANT TO work more, SO WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT. I make so many Red Cards for them too and its only been 3 months!!! I told an LOD that I’m allowed to work 28 hours a week, 4 hours a day, and 8 hours on weekends. They don’t listen. I literally get 2 if not 3 days in the week of work. So basically, i’m making $27 a day because target is apparently “strict” about minors and gives me 3 hours istead of 4. Since that’s the rules, ok I understand but let me work 3 days on weekdays and 2 days on weekends AND GIVE ME MY FULL 8 HOURS ON WEEKENDS INSTEAD OF 4. Fuck that. Seriously how r******d. I’m about to quit. I’m only here so I have something on my resume. Fml.

Get your shit together Target.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Sounds accurate my stores HR was never at the store either.

  • bayster70 says:

    I know this is old but I'm a minor and get 35 hours a week and sometimes 14 hour days it's not the laws that stop them it's the amount of money they have available to pay the employees witch of course default you to being last one on the list becouse of age and other employees that may be full time it's a bunch of bullshit how corrupt there system is


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