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August 30, 2015 - Workingmom

Not enough hours

I’ve been at Target for 10 months (in hardlines), and I work my tail off when I’m there. Much more than the college-age kids who spend most of their time socializing or staring at their phone. But despite this, I don’t feel valued at all probably because I don’t push Redcards. Consequently, I only get 4-5 hours/week. So I’ve submitted my 2 week notice. I don’t necessarily dislike working there, but with so few hours it’s totally pointless to stay.


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  • TargetMinion says:

    Yup, Target doesn't care about TMs unless they're pulling in Redcards left and right. They don't recognize hard work.
    Here is the way Target sees TMs:
    TM: A
    - shows up on time
    - polite
    - engages guests
    - fast on the checklane
    - comes in if called in on busy days
    - doesn't get Redcards
    Target: this TM isn't doing their job. Coach them on Redcard conversion

    TM: B
    - shows up late
    - never asks "CIHYFS"
    - rude
    - never comes in when needed
    - slow at the checklane bc they're constantly on their phone or talking to the TM at the register next to them
    - gets several Redcards a shift
    Target: this TM is fantastic! Let's see if they want to be a GSTL!!!


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