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January 17, 2012 - Hate_Me

Finally Getting the Hell Out

Hello, fellow Target haters. I am very pleased to announce that after almost 5 years of slavery to this hellish company, I have put in my notice and am running the f*ck away. I will never shop Target after my last day, as I now know how the employees are treated. The only reason I shop there as it is, is because I work there and get the measly 10% discount. (Pinch me!! TEN percent??).


During my time at Targay, I broke the golden rule of never having your cell phone on the sales floor…and I used my cell phone to take pictures of my bosses breaking rules, being lazy, and projects that were wildly f*cked up beyond comprehension. (Projects my boss either did, or assigned to somebody else and ignored their screw ups). I took pictures of the projects after I’d go in and fix them up, and I’m e-mailing it all to my district team lead this Saturday. Not so that I can ever have a chance at getting a job there again, but so that the employees I’m leaving behind might have it a little better once the DTL sees what’s going on there. Not just the perfectly-zoned store, or the fake smiles, or hearing the prepared answers to his questions.


I find that after reading through this site quite thoroughly that I am definitely not alone in my experiences with Target. I have worked at several different stores, and while I was employed at the first store, I thought, ‘This place is so messed up…I should transfer to a store that treats its employees fairly’. So I did transfer, and found the exact same problems at that store…management is lazy, employees are unhappy, and nobody has any real qualifications to be leaders…they don’t even really possess natural leadership abilities. They are simply young kids, fresh out of college, who scored a gig being a manager at a Big Box retail store. Since most of them are all in their early 20’s, they still have the egotism of a toddler first breaking free of its dependence on its parents. Target’s management staff is oftentimes totalitarian, and is ran like a dictatorship. The management places themselves on a pedestal, not realizing that they are simply poorly-paid employees of a much bigger picture.




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  • Hate_Me says:

    Ah, it's of "Finally Getting the Hell Out". Well, my last day was january 21st, 2012. At first, I was a little nervous because I hadn't gotten another job lined up yet. But enough was enough at Target. Had my second interview today for a position at another company, offering me over TRIPLE what I made at Target! I can't believe I wasted almost 5 years of my life there!!!!!! Fuck you, Target.

  • quitters_win says:

    Congrats on quitting Target; I'm about to quit Target too after 5 years of this crap. I'm so surprised and shocked that I actually last for 5 years dame. I'm quitting today so Fuck You, Target.


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