Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

February 10, 2012 - anonymousbrtm

Target is filled with a bunch of nonsense….

So yea, I am currently a back room team member overnight and and I used to work dayside and let me tell you, there is a big difference.  I mean, I enjoyed working in the back room during the day because I got to know my fellow team members and I made a lot of friends and was able to b/s with them.   I decided I wanted to go overnight because I figured how much different can it really be?  Well, it all started out fine and then all of a sudden, I am catching crap from my ETL’s left and right after I have gotten nothing but recognition when I worked dayside.  Then I went for a position because I felt like it wasn’t working out on the overnight shift and then all of a sudden, I get pulled into the office and am put on corrective action, therefore smashing my hopes of leaving the backroom.  They explained to me that I was not being productive enough and that we had several “conversations”.  The reason why I was having these conversations is because they had me doing a million things at once and expected it all to be done instantly.  I’m sorry, but I can only go as fast as the machines go and I give 100% all the time.  I mean, this place is a little ridiculous because I was always getting 40 hours a week and then all of a sudden I am down to almost no hours and am practically asking team members if they are willing to give away days.  I figured the overnight process would be a little more giving with the hours seeing as we as the overnight team do a ton of work to replenish the store for opening.  Also these people are a little ridiculous with the rules of overtime.  I took an additional shift without even thinking about it because I really needed the hours so I can keep up with my bills, so I explain to my ETL’s and my TL that I will leave early to cut the hours of overtime I would get and they were fine with it and then all of a sudden they wanna yell at me for trending overtime and then tell me not to come in for my next shift.  I mean seriously people, I am not losing 6 hours of pay for 2 hours overtime.  I explained to them the situation and they wanted to be complete idiots about it.  I do an incredible amount of work and it seems like I get absolutely no recognition for it.  It honestly makes me feel like all the hard work I give them goes unnoticed.  You are overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated.  They practically bow to specific people and if you have ANY ideas, you pretty much get told that in time these things will be thought about with no further mention and if you bring up an issue, they assure you that they will talk to the other ETLs about it, yet it seems as if nothing is actually done.  If anyone is seriously thinking about working for Target, I would seriously reconsider because right now I am searching for a new job because this one honestly sucks.


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  • Hate_Me says:

    Haaaaa!!! Welcome to Target. It will ALWAYS be that way, and will NEVER change. Quit. Now. Seriously. I wasted 4 1/2 years of my life at that shit hole, and one day I had enough and put in my notice. Now I'm making 5 times what I made there, and they're all just the same bunch of sorry-ass losers they always were. You can do better. A trained MONKEY could work at Target. Don't take getting called into the "office" personally...the bosses do that to feel better about themselves, since most of them are just insecure losers who couldn't get a management position at a respectable company, so they are forced to settle for second-best by managing a team of idiots. They call people into the "offices" to feel important because they all have inferiority complexes, and are threatened by team members who work hard, but don't fit the "Target mold". I put 'offices' in quotation marks, because let's be real here--those boxes with chairs in them are basically just little pathetic rooms the corporation provides to these losers so they'll feel valued. QUIT.

  • anonymousbrtm says:

    Oh I can completely agree with you there. They can never give a straight compliment there either. When you get one compliment, you get 10 things you could have done better. It's a little ridiculous how this company works. You would think that with all the money this company makes, they could pay their team members/team leaders better, but I guess that's why this company says "Expect more, pay less". They expect more from their Team Members for less money. I spent time in the military and I thought that was bad, but this place... it takes the meaning of stress to a whole new level. My biggest pet peeve is how they try to guilt you into staying later and I learned early on in my time on the overnight team, don't say yes. I am definitely looking for something WAY better than this place because they are so terribly anti-union, it isn't even funny. They show that ridiculous video about how horrible unions are but they don't seem to be all that bad seeing as how they give you job security, better treatment, and most definitely better pay for the work you do. I just can't wait to just tell these idiots that I'm outta there because I just can't stand the idiotic routines they come up with and change them the next day.

  • Hate_Me says:

    Hahahahaha I LOVE your take on "Expect more, Pay less". Priceless. (And sadly accurate.) I feel ya on the 1 good thing and 10 bad things ratio. So true...IF you even get that ONE compliment. I hope like hell you get out of there. Good luck!


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