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January 28, 2012 - BullseyeBullshit

I Hate My Job

Okay thank God for this website. I have worked for target for about 5 and a half months and I hate it so much. I’m only 19 and everyone I work with is older. I hate when they treat me like they are more important than me. I am a sales floor member in softlines and a back up cashier. Okay first of all I signed up for a full time but I only get about 2 to 3 days a fucking week and they are like 4 hour shifts. Then every day that I am not scheduled, they call me in the morning because they want me to come in. Uhm do you not have enough employees can you leave me the fuck alone sometimes? When I cashier I NEVER ask the “guest” if they want to sign up for a stupid red card because it feels annoying and I hate when people do that shit to me. The only thing getting me through this annoying ass job is all the other Co workers that I’m friends with that complain as much as I do. I usually don’t even put shit back in the right place and I’m really lazy and slow. I’m surprised they still keep me and they have never complained about my work. And they better not cause their bullshit is not worth the pay. Plus I have another job anyway so I have to change my target availability. Hopefully that goes over well. I have have to go there in 13 hours to work and I’m already dreading it.


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  • Hate_Me says:

    I like how you admit to being lazy and slow on purpose, in the same story where you're bitching that your job doesn't do enough for you. haha. Target sucks a fat dick, but seriously, you're a fucking moron.


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