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  • January 13, 2015 - TargetGuestsSuck

    Final Days of Tarshit

    Let me just start by saying if you read my earlier posts on this site, I really didn’t hate any higher ups. In fact, I looked up to them and one day wanted to be them. When I first read this site,  I couldn’t imagine how any managers or workers could be so awful to all of you. And I’m so sorry for doubting you guys. Today I think is the day I’m job hunting. It’s been a long seven months and I’ve watched my brand new target go from something I was so proud to be a part of to something only nightmares could conjur up. Over the past few months, my STL has become a prick. Honestly, I feel like everyone higher up actually. But the funny thing is, they’re only pricks to MY team. I don’t get why instocks has to be the bitch of the store and take on the workload of so many teams, but we do. And of course they’ll be the hardest on the trainer right? Guess who that would be. Me. When the TL isn’t around, ohhhhh they come to me.

  • January 3, 2015 - TargetIsTheNewWalmart

    A question to former employees about W-2s

    So I haven’t worked at Target in close to a year now. It’s a long story for those of you who are new to this site but long story short it’s a very stupid reason. It was a blessing in disguise though. Anyways tax season is upon us. I’d like to get a head start on filing my taxes so I can go back to school and earn my degree I was working hard for. I am very determined to go back, but filing a FAFSA requires tax info from the previous year. So Id like to know from former employees if they got their final W2 from Target on time or if Target was a bully about it. I know it is illegal to not give a former employee their W2 but Target strikes me as the type of company that would be a bully about it and mail it to you late or worse.

  • December 13, 2014 - boionfire24

    Dis tew much!!!!

    I’ve been working for target for about a year now and i love this site. I’ve been reading almost every post surprised that others are going through the same problems i am. This will be my first post and hopefully be my last as i don’t plan on working at this place too much longer.

    So today i got my corrective action and I’m surprised that it took so long for them to say or do anything about it. I’ve been late more than a few time and i will admit that i do have somewhat of an attitude so those are 2 things i can take accountability for but what they wrote and said to me i can’t deal with like i said in my headliner dis tew much.

  • November 22, 2014 - moodybutts

    Seasonal? Not Seasonal? What gives?

    I was hired in early October. Not once in any interviews did they say anything about me being a seasonal worker. All of my paperwork says Hardlines, Part-Time, stuff like that, yet I am treated as a seasonal employee and constantly reminded about how my time may be limited now that I am working there. What happens if they try to let me go at the end of the season for being a “Seasonal Worker” when that isn’t documented at all? I won’t be too heartbroken if they make me leave but is that even legal? To document me as one kind of worker and then try to say I’m not and get rid of me? What are my options if this happens? Has anyone else had this experience?

  • July 19, 2014 - Target_HR212

    Cross-Trained Team Member who has had it.

    Hired as a seasonal employee I took the role of a Human Resource Team Member. Being told how good I’ve been doing – doing the stupid 3-11 shifts (including new years, christmas eve, and thanksgiving) because my Team Leader said we all have to start somewhere. It was so horrible! Not only do you have to do your own specific job in human resources for some idiotic reason we also have to give over 100 team members their equipment, sign it out for them, go after them for punch corrections, post schedules while everyone’s on you telling you to hurry, having the phone ring ring ring and having to buzz people in the god damn man trap, psssttt that was a piece of cake for just $8.75/hr.

  • May 12, 2014 - StacyStar72

    need some advice please!!!

    So I’ve worked for this AAAAAAMAZINGLY shitty company for 6 years now. I came to Target straight out of high school to pay for community college. After working my way up from cashier to service desk, I was “promoted” to a specality job that I loved. I was there for 5 years and recently went on loa for school (my CC does a 3+1 degree with a major state university. So in order to graduate with my bachelor’s business degree, I absolutely had to live at the main campus and attend classes there.) My problem now is that I want to come back since I’ve graduated. My manager filled my position with someone else (which we were struggling as it was with me on board. It wasn’t uncommon for me to get 9-15 hrs a week back there because “the other team members had seniority” according to my manager). She said if I want to keep my specality pay (I left at $12.47) I need to transfer to another store that has an opening (that’s +30 miles away from my current store). Hr said I can choose to stay at my store, but I’ll be back to min wage (and basically fucking over my previous 5 raises). So is there something I can do about this? I feel if I hadn’t gone specality and stayed a cashier, I would still be making more than min wage now. Can they just take my raises away like that? Can they fill my position if I’m on loa? Why can’t the new guy go to the other store instead of me? I don’t really understand loa since hr handled all of it for me, but isn’t my position guaranteed for me when I return? I need some advice please!!!!

  • August 28, 2013 - TeamLeadsSuck

    Team Leads are all fat disgusting pricks

    I just finished reading TargetEqualsShell’s comment and it’s like I’m looking in a mirror! I’ve almost been with Target for seven years. I’m at six right now. But the constant flak I take from Team Leads is beyond the pale. I’m originally from New York, okay? When we had jobs over there, people cussed their heads off. Cussing was part of everyday language. Now that I live in the deep south (Hades), I have spent years dumbing down my New York accent and eliminating all cusswords from my everyday vocabulary. I let loose when I get home, but I keep it clean at work.

    That’s not my problem. These TLs have such NERVE. They think they actually have legitimate power over our souls!

  • August 7, 2013 - Chris. 349

    Go fetch it.

    Target should change it’s name to Go Fetch’ It and here’s why. Working as a Cart Attendant I have to obviously do Carts but also: hangers, reshop, baskets, bringing back motorized carts, spills, wiping off carts when it rains and some other stuff that I’m forgeting. This isn’t about me whining about the Cart Attendant job it’s about what happens in the last half and hour of some shifts. Occasionaly I get asked or demanded to, get milk for Starbucks. Now in my opinion I think Food Avenue was just fine. I loved their chicken strips and popcorn. Nowdays I never shop at Starbucks. I don’t even like coffee. In my opinion it shouldn’t be in the store, it’s just a stupid fad. Anyway, Starbucks is uasually manned by two girls, until the last hour of my shift. Than they like to ask me to go get milk from them. Are you serious? Where did they get the idea that I have fifteen minutes to waste in the cooler filling up a cart with milk and whipping cream, that we almost never have. I’ve got other stuff to do. I would so love it if one of the ETL’s or LOD’s had to do that and freeze their little butts off while they’re at it.

  • March 30, 2013 - FastFun&F**ktastic

    Target Pharmacy Sucks Too!

    I quit my job as a pharmacist with Target back in January, and have had ZERO regrets about it.  It was glaringly obvious that corporate didn’t give a shit about pharmacy as a profession, and only saw us as a money-making opportunity for them.

    The first thing that happened that made me question Target’s intentions was that over half of the pharmacists in my city had to re-interview for their jobs.  Even though I managed to keep my job, it soon became crystal clear what Target’s endgame was:  the pharmacists who WERE let go were all older, and had been with the company the longest.  Target was screwing these employees out of their pensions.  Truly sickening.

  • Almost a year they have had me by the balls! Oh god fml! I am going to have a lot of post here lol. Well one time a etl stl or who ever the hell boss she is said I can’t ware my work gloves when the lites come on (store opens) , now I use them because opening a ton of boxes dryers ur hand ridiculously and on plano team handling all the rough peg hooks and sharp label holder is hell. So we have the big wigs come check on our store o.e day to see how the store is and what the employees are worth and maybe what they think lol. So after I answer all her bs questions she give me a shot to talk, I say why is it a rule I can’t where protection for my hands? I state my case to her and who said I can’t ware them and she says she will look into it. Month or so later the,boss or what ever say come here have to tell you something, I’m like oh great, she says im supposed to tell you sir you may ware ur gloves. I’m shocked lol lil man wins a round. Turns out she didn’t like the way the few of us looked, not big trash man gloves,or the ones walmart slaves ware nice clean looking black sure grip gloves. Makes me mad a person of power could make their own rules and get away with it if we don’t speak up!
    While on the dress code why can I not ware shorts ? They say a safety issue! Ok hmmmm women can ware skirt? And the one who does eehhw should not. target is so cheap the heating and a/c is controlled in another state and summer time the store is a sweat shop and winte it feels like it should snow inside! There is a lot of bs u have to deal with working here. I am accustomed to construction where getting the job done and rite isthe main concern! Please pray for me to find a job back in that are where I am payed for what I do and not how well I kiss ass! If your ok with a bullseye on ur buttocks and target bending you over hitting it from the back its the job for you! Good luck