Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

August 29, 2012 - LewisAR

Why do I hate targe? Let me count the , no not enough time

Almost a year they have had me by the balls! Oh god fml! I am going to have a lot of post here lol. Well one time a etl stl or who ever the hell boss she is said I can’t ware my work gloves when the lites come on (store opens) , now I use them because opening a ton of boxes dryers ur hand ridiculously and on plano team handling all the rough peg hooks and sharp label holder is hell. So we have the big wigs come check on our store o.e day to see how the store is and what the employees are worth and maybe what they think lol. So after I answer all her bs questions she give me a shot to talk, I say why is it a rule I can’t where protection for my hands? I state my case to her and who said I can’t ware them and she says she will look into it. Month or so later the,boss or what ever say come here have to tell you something, I’m like oh great, she says im supposed to tell you sir you may ware ur gloves. I’m shocked lol lil man wins a round. Turns out she didn’t like the way the few of us looked, not big trash man gloves,or the ones walmart slaves ware nice clean looking black sure grip gloves. Makes me mad a person of power could make their own rules and get away with it if we don’t speak up!
While on the dress code why can I not ware shorts ? They say a safety issue! Ok hmmmm women can ware skirt? And the one who does eehhw should not. target is so cheap the heating and a/c is controlled in another state and summer time the store is a sweat shop and winte it feels like it should snow inside! There is a lot of bs u have to deal with working here. I am accustomed to construction where getting the job done and rite isthe main concern! Please pray for me to find a job back in that are where I am payed for what I do and not how well I kiss ass! If your ok with a bullseye on ur buttocks and target bending you over hitting it from the back its the job for you! Good luck


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  • Hate_Me says:

    Ummm....I'm hoping you were drunk when you wrote this, because honestly, it didn't make a whole lot of sense. If you weren't drunk, then you're just r******d.

    "Wear" is the word you were searching for, not "ware". And when you're attempting to sound more intelligent than some asshole you're pissed at, using internet abbreviated phrases is never a good idea.

    Basically, I think you probably just looked like a major douche bag with some weird-ass gloves on, and your Team Lead was like, "Oh no, you di-unt!"...or something lame like that.

    You asked "Please pray for me to find a job back in that are where I am payed for what I do" <-- in those exact words. So I'm hoping to God that you're never intending on becoming an English teacher. Because seriously? I think the only place fitting for you is flipping burgers or, sadly, Target.

    Anyways, I'm gonna go see what my beer is doing now....

  • Angry_Bastard says:

    After reading some of your post, I decided to stop. Your poor spelling and grammer use had hurt my eyes.

    • Hate_Me says:'s spelled "grammar", actually. I'm not defending the r****d who posted this story, but c'mon; if you're going to tell someone they lack spelling ability, at least spell "grammar" correctly while continuing on haha...


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