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August 28, 2013 - TeamLeadsSuck

Team Leads are all fat disgusting pricks

I just finished reading TargetEqualsShell’s comment and it’s like I’m looking in a mirror! I’ve almost been with Target for seven years. I’m at six right now. But the constant flak I take from Team Leads is beyond the pale. I’m originally from New York, okay? When we had jobs over there, people cussed their heads off. Cussing was part of everyday language. Now that I live in the deep south (Hades), I have spent years dumbing down my New York accent and eliminating all cusswords from my everyday vocabulary. I let loose when I get home, but I keep it clean at work.

That’s not my problem. These TLs have such NERVE. They think they actually have legitimate power over our souls!

Don’t let my typed comment fool you. I play Mister Rogers at work. I greet everyone and tell them good morning. I ask everyone how they’re doin, especially “guests”. As far as the guests go, I have always shown them respect and led them to the merchandise with a calm and cool attitude. I’ll get right into the PDA and do an item search for them if we can’t find what they want on the floor.

To start out and completely describe this fiasco, I started years ago, pretty far from where I live during the Christmas rush. I learned to move fast, stock faster, and say “Yes sir”. I was good at it. Running a fake personality scam like that is easy. Back then I worked under a female teamlead. She was the exception to the norm. She was attractive, but married. There was also this lisping guy with tattooed arms. You could’ve sworn he was gay, but it turned out she was shafting him in the maintenance closet. She was caught. You’d think after that the TL would’ve lost her job, but no! The maintenance clown (illegal immigrant) was fired for catching her! Due to Target’s ridiculous tendency to be impressed with guys that have been at multiple locations, I transferred to another store.

The second Target I worked at, I found out it was full of illegal immigrants who used fake information to get their jobs. All made sure of by HR over there. When I arrived, I had (still have, right) an Italian last name. The TL let everybody in, but glanced at me on my first day and asked “You’re white?” My response: “Yeah, I’m Italian.” His retort: “No, you stay outside.” This team lead’s racism led to an even worse problem. They opened at eight in the morning, and I was scheduled at seven. The guy tried to write me up. Not even a verbal. My very first day. FOR BEING LATE WHEN HE WOULDN’T LET ME IN! Unfortunately for him, I spoke to the STL. This only made the racist more angry at me. There were these Columbian women. Everybody was terrified of them and nobody wanted to go help in the grocery department. I found out why. These ADULT women screamed at me at the top of their lungs and threatened to cut “things” off with their boxcutters. So I spent months at that place, quiet as a churchmouse, and I transferred again.

The third one was this place I volunteered to help assemble because it was a new store. I set shelves, and signs. All of that stuff. When it was done, for a year I stocked merchandise under a TL that cussed just like the boys back home. He was the first to come across a bunch of lazy workers standing around talking about basketball, and then say calmly that it was a “clusterFword”. Only he didn’t censor it. He recommended firing the local gangbangers (bloods and crypts, according to these braggarts). Then the STL died, a white guy that protected the TL (Spanish guy) from allegations of racism for firing gang members. The TL eventually lost his job, and I left off for college anyway. My settlement had finally come in from LAWSUIT MONEY from my previous job before Target. The other company made me sign a nondisclosure agreement. So it was time for college. I wanted to make something better of myself.

I came back to Target because I could only afford half of my college desire anyway (all A’s and B’s, no C’s for a couple years). I didn’t even start back up at the above-mentioned place because of this obese HR lady I didn’t want to see again. So I started further away from home. That was a mistake. This next TL was a horrible guy. Just like TargetEqualsShell’s TL, this guy stood around and blabbed to his STL about football and basketball. Or what was on television last night. He just stood around with his arms folded all the time. But US! We couldn’t do that. We couldn’t even talk while we’re working. He prided himself on sneaking around the store and catching people “talking”. What does it matter? We never stopped working for even a moment. This TL (another obese), he also lathered on the insults. “You’re not fast enough.” “You’re taking too long.” One time I told him that separating the team took too long just as he was turning heel. He loved to make insults and turn heel as fast as he could. He raged and shouted “SAY THAT TO MY FACE, NOT BEHIND MY BACK, DAWG!” I transferred out of that place back to the place mentioned above this paragraph.

Everything had changed. My old store from before the hellhole I just worked at had turned into something bad. There’s now this obese disgusting woman. I found out my friend, the old STL had died. Honest workers weren’t protected any more. This TL acts completely friendly. She’ll try to fool you, but I have seen right through it since day one. She just can’t keep that sneer off her face. She’s a typical TL. Fat, and stands around yelling at people to hurry up. I have always been prone to moving faster when my BOSS YELLS to move FASTER. Makes sense right? Wrong. I shouldn’t have tried harder. Now I have an attitude problem for “roughly handling the boxes”. I don’t stack boxes badly. I am annoyed by people that do. The stacking by this team is horrible. I fix their stacks as much as possible. She doesn’t care how hard I work. This is the third verbal couching I’ve had since transferring to this place. All for the same subject. Being rough with boxes when she yells to work faster. I haven’t broken any boxes from the line! Well I’ve been told that a couple more verbals and I’ll have a write-up (I’ll refuse to sign). Next after the write-up will be termination.

The funny thing is, this woman disappears for hours at a time. She spends most of her time at Starbucks.
We don’t even need her around, and she doesn’t do her job. She just drops off once a day to nitpick everything and vanishes.

Regardless, I have notified this woman of two disabilities I have that she’s specifically singling me out for in verbals. The ADA-Americans with Disabilities Act is being violated. Of course I haven’t told her of that law. The law’s on her head if she screws up and fires me. She’s supposed to know the law. Remember my college experience due to a lawsuit settlement from a previous job? I suggested to the lawyers to accept the settlement last time. But I took law courses in college. I don’t think I’m going to settle this time around. Violate the law, and not even that “in company dispute settlement” contract is valid.

Let this woman fire me. I’ll just let this go to court, Target. Ball’s in your court. I think you’re going to fumble.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Target, owned. It's more of the bad people for you. Well, if she doesn't know the law, too bad, you do and you can own her ass if she does the wrong thing and fires you. Than you can react by having the laws placed upon her, and have her fired.

  • ProhibitionRose says:

    TL's being fat has nothing to do with their attitudes. Almost all of the TL's in my store are skinny and they are the biggest assholes you'll ever meet. Two-faced too.

    • TeamLeadsSuck says:

      ^ Yes I agree with you. Some of my TLs weren't fat. I just typed that title in the heat of the moment and this website didn't let me change it.

      What are you doing though? You're not being vibe. You're supposed to be vibe. Target is so vibe it vibes the vibes all over the fuckin vibe. Vibe. Vibe.

      Fuck me, this place is stupid.

      • ProhibitionRose says:

        ROFL! If they wanted us to have better vibes they wouldn't treat us like shit. Admittedly, some of the customers are assholes. But in all honesty? As much as I like a lot of the customers, I will be nice to them, but I refuse to kiss a stranger's ass just because Target tells me to.

  • TargetSucks says:

    Why would you wait to get fired??? COMPLAIN NOW! FILE A SUIT NOW!!!!! NOW!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    But seriously, you should. What they're doing is not acceptable, and you shouldn't let them get away with it. File a complaint, here's more info:

    It's illegal for them to retaliate, and if they do, you will have an even bigger law suit against them.


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