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January 3, 2015 - TargetIsTheNewWalmart

A question to former employees about W-2s

So I haven’t worked at Target in close to a year now. It’s a long story for those of you who are new to this site but long story short it’s a very stupid reason. It was a blessing in disguise though. Anyways tax season is upon us. I’d like to get a head start on filing my taxes so I can go back to school and earn my degree I was working hard for. I am very determined to go back, but filing a FAFSA requires tax info from the previous year. So Id like to know from former employees if they got their final W2 from Target on time or if Target was a bully about it. I know it is illegal to not give a former employee their W2 but Target strikes me as the type of company that would be a bully about it and mail it to you late or worse. I’d like to know ahead of time if they are cooperative about it or if they act like typical scum about it. I’m tired of fooling with them. When I was searching for a job last summer, they gave bad references to most of the jobs I applied for which is illegal. Then when I caved in and tried getting unemployment(which I didn’t want to do since I was so determined to get a job but I had bills to pay) they were jerks about it then. They told unemployment that I had quit on spot. When I tried appealing I was told I had to get Target to agree that I was let go and I didn’t resign. So at first I thought Target was going to cooperate with this then two days later, one of my former LODs calls me from there and gets nasty with me on the phone. Says unemployment is for “Welfare Queens” and said that flipping burgers at McDonalds would be too good for me and kept insulting me and saying  why can’t I just get a real job instead of filing for unemployment. Then I said maybe I could if you all would stop giving false statements to other potential employers about me then she hunk up on me. I have a new job now btw. Though stuff like what I went through with trying to get a new job and eventually attempting to file for unemployment makes me think they could be jerks about my W2. I’d like to get my taxes done as soon as possible so I can fill out my FAFSA for school and avoid being audited. So if they don’t cooperate I’ll not only report them to the IRS, I’ll sue. I’m done playing games with them. Another reason I’m looking forward to getting W2s from them, that should be the last time I ever have to deal with the motherfuckers. No more mail or phone calls from them!


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  • TargetSucks says:

    I'm pretty sure they're legally required to have it postmarked by January 31st.

  • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

    I know but they have been bullies about stuff that should normally be legal too. Like giving bad and false references is illegal or at least in my state it is. I know it sounds like I'm over thinking it but the last two years have been utter hell for me so it's one of those things that could be just my luck.

  • Silverfox says:

    bleh I feel you. I applied at multiple jobs after I was let go from zellers and didn't get an interview. I swear they probably did the same thing to me.

    • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

      I've heard on here they have been known to do that. I've even heard from people I have encountered that have said Target will give bad and false references about people they don't like. Target feels they can get away with more since they believe they have such a sterling reputation. They mostly have this golden reputation with people who regularly shop there and haven't worked for them. Most Target guests could give two shits how Tarshit treats its employees because most guests are either rude, self centered, idiotic or all of the above.

      • Silverfox says:

        🙂 that's why i think if target doesn't like you, stick it out and try to find a new job while hired at target and once you've found that new one, poof asap. That way they can't do jack to you. Or if you need to find a new job don't use them as a reference. I somehow think that maybe because I did well in my online interview and maybe they needed people and I was one of the few who applied that time. Or maybe the departments were basically fighting for the new hires I got lucky.

        • Silverfox says:

          lol, did you have to learn target history in school? ._. We had to learn ancient company history about zellers' parent company in high school gr 10 history which are now replaced by targets in the same location.

  • Silverfox says:

    on the bright side they are losing money up here still since target seems to insist on keeping the same attitude towards employees. Oh well, I guess they insist on losing money

  • rainprincess64 says:

    If at all possible, I would not use them as a reference in the future. I'm glad you got yourself a new job. I'd love to get a new job, although it's difficult to get a job while pregnant, let alone when you're halfway through the pregnancy! I don't know about W2s from a former employee aspect as I've only been there for less than a year (a year coming up in the third week of April or so). If they don't get your W2 in a timely fashion, I would totally sue too in your shoes. Should you pursue a lawsuit with them, I wish you the best of luck and I hope you win! Target needs to stop getting away with this kind of illegal bullshit.

  • TargetMinion says:

    When you got hired you had to fill out your W-2 electronically at

    So you can just log in to that website beginning January 15th I think and access it that way. You have the option to print it from the website, save it to your computer, etc....

    if you signed up to get a paper copy of your w-2 mailed to the store you have until Feb to pick it up or it will be mailed to whatever address you had on file before you left the company.

    That's how things were at Target when I was in HR. I just left that hellhole in Oct 2014 so I doubt the process has changed.


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