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December 13, 2014 - boionfire24

Dis tew much!!!!

I’ve been working for target for about a year now and i love this site. I’ve been reading almost every post surprised that others are going through the same problems i am. This will be my first post and hopefully be my last as i don’t plan on working at this place too much longer.

So today i got my corrective action and I’m surprised that it took so long for them to say or do anything about it. I’ve been late more than a few time and i will admit that i do have somewhat of an attitude so those are 2 things i can take accountability for but what they wrote and said to me i can’t deal with like i said in my headliner dis tew much.

So as I’ve said I’ve been late a few times 20 mins the most but when i do show up i alway extend i work my ass off and out work 2 of the most laziest tls we have which I’m still wondering how they got promoted and still are in that position when all i see them do is sit at the computer or walk around and tell us what to do. I feel like just because I’ve been late I’m put at the bottom of the totem pole while other workers will just walk around the store and not work like our tls. It seems like all they care about is red cards and showing up on time and if you can do those two things pretty much you can do what you want and not work as hard. Going on to my attitude i have expressed a few times how i think its unfair that i feel like I’m doing more work or covering other peoples work and how more responsibility is placed on me when I’m just a tm not a tl or tl in training or lod. when it comes to calfs i don’t mind doing them just hate that it seems like I’m the only only person that does them and i know I’m not the only person who does them as it has been told to my by lods when I’m not here they still get done, but thats not what I’m saying my problem is there are plenty of enough people here in hardlines that should do it or will but they are too slow and certain people will grab small one or will just walk around the store with one and hang out in electronics. I’ve told the lods its not fair that I’m pulling 4 calfs to the others pulling 1 if i was slow i would get pulled aside and talked to or if i was like this 1 person and just hang out in electronics still would get in trouble but because they show up on time its ok for them to do that. i hate softlines i can’t stand the tl back there I’ve expressed my issues i have with the tl and how it makes me uncomfortable to work with her and how it affects my work and my attitude and thats where my attitude comes i guess cuz i will try and do anything to get out of there and go back to hardlines. i can’t take orders from her can’t take her serious or be around her with out wanting to call her a bitch or slap her. With walkie communication i hate that i seem to be the only 1 they call over the walkie when front lanes calls for back up or fitting rooms ask can someone pick up the call in this area when no one responds its always me being called out by name first the only name called out as can you get it are u busy to back up and I’m like there are 14 people here why can’t the 4 people zoning in girls right by the check lanes back or the other 5 people i see walking around in hardlines pick up the call don’t just call me out or the lods who seem to just walk around the store and are by the phone pick it up.

I guess me expressing my feelings and concerns is considered an attitude problem for them they just had enough and gave me this corrective action saying that i talk back and question their authority when all i ask is why i do more work even more than them. on the paper they gave me it list all the days i was late or called out and its list examples on how it affected the store and it seem like to me they were reaching and being dramatic. on one of the examples it say because i called out on this date we had to extend people to do your work we had to pull other tm away from their work to do your calfs thats exactly what it said “your calfs” the calfs didn’t get done they had to be put off and do the next day because the other tm had to go back and do their jobs reshop didn’t get done and the back room couldn’t do their job their brand was in jeopardy because of me there was no room for new calfs the ones that didn’t get done had to be left there with affected the flow team and the morning back room team they couldn’t move around and do their job. the other dates they listed saying that the lods on those dates and tls had to be pulled from their task and do my work with isn’t fair to them and team members doing my work which i find funny me this 1 person who just a team member who makes 9 n hr somehow affected the whole store and me not being there the store went to ruins and guest weren’t the main focus those days because others had to do my work. i told them i don’t like who your trying to make me feel bad and feel like shit and blaming me for why the store look the way it does theres are about 20 people who work in the store and if 1 person calls out or is late 20 mins can affect everyones work in this way you should hire better works or train the ones you have to do better. there have been days no 1 called out everyone was on time and guest still have been ignored and calls missed and no one backing up but still cuz i was late or called out every single area was affected making it seem like we didn’t meet the goal for that day because i wasn’t there. if I’m that important then i should be getting paid a whole lot more. I’ve just had enough of this place i did like working here until i notice you just have to be a kiss ass to get promoted and can do what you want and work less or just show up on time and work less and i can’t kiss their ass i cat really help that I’m late i really do try and show up for work but i take the bus and have to leave 2 hr b4 i start just to be there 20 mins b4 my shift i can’t help if the bus is late and i don’t get paid enough to want to show up any earlier to avoid being late and I’m can’t handle being the reason why the store wasn’t up to brand like i cost the store money or brought them in the red those days I’m done.

Sorry for the long post to anyone who stuck around and read it till the end.


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  • trashtalk says:

    The drama of 1 person not showing up! Love your answer! They run below the necessary people hours ALL THE TIME and have whomever is there work in the other areas, happens all the time.


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