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November 22, 2014 - moodybutts

Seasonal? Not Seasonal? What gives?

I was hired in early October. Not once in any interviews did they say anything about me being a seasonal worker. All of my paperwork says Hardlines, Part-Time, stuff like that, yet I am treated as a seasonal employee and constantly reminded about how my time may be limited now that I am working there. What happens if they try to let me go at the end of the season for being a “Seasonal Worker” when that isn’t documented at all? I won’t be too heartbroken if they make me leave but is that even legal? To document me as one kind of worker and then try to say I’m not and get rid of me? What are my options if this happens? Has anyone else had this experience?


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Most states are "at will" employment states, which means they can fire you for any reason or no reason at all. If they call you seasonal or not just limits the amount of internal paperwork they require to avoid things like paying unemployment.

  • skye568 says:

    Yeah if you're concerned then i'd get it in writing that you're either a seasonal worker or just full time permanent. i'd get the person who's working in human resources to draw you up a letter stating that you're a permanent part time employee. that's the best i can give then when they try something with you then you can pull that letter out. don't feel bad i'd just quit that place and at last count i was only scheduled for like fourteen and half hours a week which was down from 23.5 from two weeks ago. Bleh, i just quit that horrible place.

  • TargetMinion says:

    Did you have to take a drug test? Seasonal TMs didn't have to take drug tests this season. If you took a drug test, then they hired you for regular employment.


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