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August 7, 2013 - Chris. 349

Go fetch it.

Target should change it’s name to Go Fetch’ It and here’s why. Working as a Cart Attendant I have to obviously do Carts but also: hangers, reshop, baskets, bringing back motorized carts, spills, wiping off carts when it rains and some other stuff that I’m forgeting. This isn’t about me¬†whining about the Cart Attendant job it’s about what happens in the last half and hour of some shifts. Occasionaly I get asked or demanded to, get milk for Starbucks. Now in my opinion I think Food Avenue was just fine. I loved their chicken strips and popcorn. Nowdays I never shop at Starbucks. I don’t even like coffee. In my opinion it shouldn’t be in the store, it’s just a stupid fad. Anyway, Starbucks is uasually manned by two girls, until the last hour of my shift. Than they like to ask me to go get milk from them. Are you serious? Where did they get the idea that I have fifteen minutes to waste in the cooler filling up a cart with milk and whipping cream, that we almost never have. I’ve got other stuff to do. I would so love it if one of the ETL’s or LOD’s had to do that and freeze their little butts off while they’re at it.


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