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  • November 24, 2013 - Bebo101

    My worst nightmare!

    I started working for target on the 5th of November. This is my very first job. I really did not need a job but I needed the experience. I am studying to become a Registered Nurse and later a CRNA. My first day was great because I had 2 wonderful ladies training me. However, the other 2 are just plain HORRIBLE. They are rude and look at me like I don’t know a thing. The 2 wonderful women that trained me were impressed as how fast I learned everything because of the fact that I never in my life cashiered. Anyway, those two are just plain rude and evil. They talk about employees that work under them like they’re worthless and scum.

  • So, I started working at Target in the softlines section yesterday. I am working seasonal. This is my first job EVER. I’ve never had previous cash register experience or retail experience at all. Yesterday, I was only trained on the register for about an hour and a half-2 hours. I think I got the hang of using the register, but i’m definitely not perfect yet! I’m pretty slow. Today was my second day and I was being trained in the softlines section. First of all, I feel like everything has been so unorganized. My originally-designated trainer didn’t even know she was supposed to be training me! So a team leader just chose a random worker from softlines to train me. Then a manager found me while my trainer was away at one point, and asked me to backup on the cash registers but I couldn’t do it because I wasn’t even “in the system” yet.

  • November 14, 2013 - Taylor_167

    Working as cashier for Holiday season

    I’m fairly new to the cash register… The holidays are coming up and I really need some advice on what it’s like to work as a cashier during the holidays. I know it’s going to be super crowded.Does that mean that time will go by fast since everyone is going to be at the registers? How many cashiers do they hire? Also, I’m scared that my conversions are going to go down cause I know the computer is going to prompt us like crazy…also the rude guests? How do I deal with them?

    Just any advice you all can offer to me to make sure I don’t blow it?



  • November 10, 2013 - Taylor_167

    Chances of getting cross trained

    My 90 day eval is coming up next week I’m so nervous. I dealt with a rude customer a while ago which really upset me and they knew that…afraid they won’t wanna keep me around.I’m a cashier and I’ve managed to get 5 red cards in the course of 3 months. I’m not exactly sure what my conversion is. Anyways, what do I expect at a 90 day evaluation? I’m so nervous! I really wanna be cross trained! How can I achieve that?!

  • November 4, 2013 - Taylor_167

    How to get cross trained

    I am a cashier at the moment, and they say after my 90 day evaluation it’s possible that I can be cross trained. I really want to be cross trained! So far I have gotten 5 red cards and my conversion is a 2.7, they say I need a 3!

    How can I guarantee to be cross trained?

    Also, what position should I take? Hardlines? Softlines??

    Any tips on how to actually enjoy work and sell more red cards?


  • October 29, 2013 - DestroyTarget

    The Holidays are Coming.

    The holidays are near! That means there will be crowds of guests shopping in our store and that means I’ll be asking about the REDcard more than I ever have before until my tongue dries up and crumbles out of my mouth! The customers will become snappier than they usually are because they are too busy trying to snatch what they want before the shelves are stripped bare and people will be extremely impatient jostling through packed isles and waiting in extremely long lines for who knows how long. I can’t wait to see how rudely I’ll be treated for asking about a card WHEN IT IS MY JOB TO DO SO. I’ll be complained about even more when I don’t give them a discount because their coupons are expired or because they need three items for a five dollar gift card instead of two. I can already think of the joyful mood everyone will be in if the cash register’s monitor freezes and randomly reboots because Target never bothers to fix its equipment as much as I complain and as much money they get from customers to afford to fix things. Think of all the transactions that will take forever to complete because the touch pads don’t work. I’d better memorize which cash registers work the best so I’ll have first dibs on them, because this is gonna get ugly. I’ve never worked before, but I bet this’ll happen.

  • This app that Corporate has come out with is finally where I have to add a post to this site.

    It’s one thing if you’re at a register, the Electronics boat, the Deli/Bakery counter in a Super Target, or you’re assisting a guest—it’s another when Corporate apparently tells the ETL’s that team members have to take an hour out of their shift to walk their area and educate guests about Cartwheel. Because guests of course want to be harassed as they shop and a “Can I Help You Find Something?” isn’t enough these days. Just like the push on Red Cards prompted guests having to be approached at random and educated about the 5% savings, free shipping, extra 30 days on returns while they were on the salesfloor and it clearly couldn’t wait until they reached the front lanes.

  • September 22, 2013 - TargetSucks

    Called in sick

    You ever call in sick?  I gotta say working front end is the worst job of the store. Talk about overworked and underpaid.  Constant people, constant jackasses about no it said buy one get a $5 dollar gift card.  No, I checked, zapped the item twice to check for them, red card screen comes up.  Don’t believe me, GSTL tells them exact same thing cause that is the truth, buy two of this, get a $5 gift card.  Holly snaps man, it’s so hard for these crack people to believe the truth, especially when they don’t read that small print. 

  • I work at a Target and well quite frankly I now hate my job. I have worked as a cashier for over 3 years, my first 2 reviews were E-Effective, my current review is a IE- Inconsistently Effective. Now I ask, WHY ALL OF A SUDDEN? I have a new GSTL and ETL-GE, they see me maybe an hour or so a week. How can they adequately grade my performance on that? Well I complained, and what I got back was basically them saying they don’t like my attitude, well yea I AM UPSET sorry that you pissed me off.

    I of course was much nicer when I talked to them about it.

    It is now causing me anxiety, depression, stress hives, etc.

  • July 1, 2013 - ashlanhoho1

    Fucking Redcards.

    Working at target fucking sucks. It is a fucking shithole. ESPECIALLY if you are a cashier or work at the customer service desk. A majority of floor leaders (not all of them, but most) act superior to you because they don’t have to work the registers. Listen here, motherfuckers. We have to deal with customer after customer, excuse me… “guests”, complaining over the most goddamn stupid shit I have ever heard of in my life, not to mention the FUCKING REDCARDS. Let me tell you something about redcards… NO ONE GIVES A FUCK. NO ONE WANTS ONE SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP HARRASSING ME TO SELL THEM. IF IT IS THAT IMPORTANT WHY DON’T YOU FUCKING GO SELL THEM ASSHOLE. Jesus fucking christ the amount of nagging you endure everyday to push the sells of recards is ridiculous. And the one day you don’t feel like asking because you feel like shit and don’t even want to be there, they come over and get mad at you about it.

    And it doesn’t end there.