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September 22, 2013 - TargetSucks

Called in sick

You ever call in sick?  I gotta say working front end is the worst job of the store. Talk about overworked and underpaid.  Constant people, constant jackasses about no it said buy one get a $5 dollar gift card.  No, I checked, zapped the item twice to check for them, red card screen comes up.  Don’t believe me, GSTL tells them exact same thing cause that is the truth, buy two of this, get a $5 gift card.  Holly snaps man, it’s so hard for these crack people to believe the truth, especially when they don’t read that small print.  I’m sorry you didn’t take the time to read it, but it’s the truth and I don’t make things up to screw you over, I tell the complete truth because that is the job!  So I called in sick because I actually was a little by my nose keep dripping.  But overall, I wanted to call in sick because I’m fed up with people bullshit, over and over again about no it said one and you get this, nope, computer automatically does for two, I do not lie, a computer for sure as hell don’t lie either.  On top of people being the number one pricks of idiocy and annoyance, the GSTLs are all extreme about get that red card, we have to reach 5 in the store by 9PM tonight.  Yeah ok, we’ll try.  We never do, it’s impossible, all the guests I ask would you like to save 5% on this purchase and all of your future purchases by getting our red card, they just always say no, or a further explanation of no way credit cards are horrible debt, I tell them about the debit one, goes to bank account, no interest, it’s great.  They say no way, not giving my bank account, hell no.  Most people don’t want either cause more and more people are concerned about privacy nowadays especially ever since 9/11 happened.  If I didn’t call in sick I would of blown a guest away and swore and walked off and out of the store and said I’ll come back in if you let me do anything but cashier, I can’t stand people.  It’s bullcrap, seriously, that many people don’t understand how nice of sanity and respect we give to tell them the absolute truth to them with respect, and we do, but they still think they are right even though we them nice and politely that they are wrong and that we’re sorry but this is the truth.  Now I just wanna smack them across the face and tell them to stop trying to steel from us!



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  • yeahright says:

    "GSTLs are all extreme about get that red card"

    This is why I'm glad I work backroom. None of that conversion bullshit that the bigwigs all drone on about. I just don't get it: if people are saying no, then what more can be done? It's not the cashier's fault that "guests" aren't fawning over Redcards, so why hold them accountable to such a degree?

    I swear "lack of common sense" must be a prerequisite for supervisory positions at Target. That or "blind faith in the corrupt corporate overlords."

  • Angelknight says:

    🙂 make the mastercard or target cc more appealing and then people will line up to sign up.

  • KEENtan says:

    I got in a fight with a lady because she claimed the clearance sign said take an additional 70% off the clearance price (already marked down 70%). She came up with a cart full of shit and argued every price. I said the 70% is off the original price and I'm sure that's what the sign says. She threw a fit in my line and I showed her each tag that the 70% was already taken off and the if it was an additional 70% my computer would recognize it since the store would never require a cashier to have to look up what an additional 70% off would be. She went to go bring a sign to me but she never came back.

    And just ten people later I had a guest complain that there was a sign in the PF Chang's for buy three meals get one meal free. Nothing came up on my screen or on the price inquiry screen and I stood by that like I always do. She refused to pay for the rest of her stuff and stormed out. At my next break I went to check the sign and it said buy three meals get a small appetizer free.

    Learn to read the fine print people, it well save you from looking like an asshole when you get to the register.

    • brokencart says:

      omg I've had people tell me our signs say 70% off of 70% too they made me call the gstl then made them call the lod because we refused to sell them our stuff for negative dollars

  • ProhibitionRose says:

    I've called out three times now because I hate that place. Still within my 90 days sooo I expect to be fired soon. If they don't fire me within the next couple days I'm going to quit.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    Your store had to get 5 redcards for the day? Or was that the short range goal?
    Do you really find it hard to get readards from people? Sometimes you have to change your speech around,sometimes hustle, but usually by the end of the day I have met my quota. Unless its the end of the month or taxes are due, then you can't squeak anything extra out of a guest.

    How many cards does your store average on a daily basis in a week?

    The other day I was getting kind of desperate.. I had only gotten 4 that day and the other two women had 5.. We always do a contest amongst us... The loser buys coffee..I didn't want to lose so I gave the next guest the redcard speech..he had a bit of a sense of humor so I said, if you don't get one, I am going to be out a few bucks... I told him why, and he came back with coffee for the 3 of us...
    There are nice people out there, just sometimes they are few and far between.


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