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November 4, 2013 - Taylor_167

How to get cross trained

I am a cashier at the moment, and they say after my 90 day evaluation it’s possible that I can be cross trained. I really want to be cross trained! So far I have gotten 5 red cards and my conversion is a 2.7, they say I need a 3!

How can I guarantee to be cross trained?

Also, what position should I take? Hardlines? Softlines??

Any tips on how to actually enjoy work and sell more red cards?



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  • TargetSucks says:

    You're 90% unlikely to get cross-trained, 100% likely to not have a choice if they actually do.

    • Taylor_167 says:

      why is it unlikely that I'll get cross trained?

      • TargetSucks says:

        A few reasons. 1. They're lazy. Even if they do add you to another department, good luck actually getting trained. 2. If you do well at all with the red cards, like junip said, they'll want to keep you on the register more. 3. From all the stories I've read here (and I've read them all), it seems pretty frequent people get promised things around the holidays, work their asses off, and then get fired after the holidays are over. They'll tell you you're doing a great job, but when it comes to review time, you punched out 2 minutes early. Oops! Counseling. You didn't vibe with a guest. Counseling. Red cards not over 3.0. Counseling.

        Don't be said about it. Work hard because that's what good people do. Just don't be sad or surprised if they try to fuck you over in the end. You're better than Target anyway.

  • Junip says:

    Hardlines is probably the easiest job in the store.

    It's basically pushing merchandise to the floor during the day and zoning during the night. The time goes by really fast for me because I spend at least an hour of my shift either backing up the front lanes, helping guests find things, or covering breaks in electronics.

    I have worked at three Targets and at each of my Targets they encouraged team members to get crossed trained. I am trained in cashier, electronics, hard lines, market, dairy/frozen, CAF pushing, and back room.

    The more crossed trained you are, the more valuable to you are as a team member because you cover breaks, pick up emergency shifts, and help out when things get busy.

    I never had to ask to be cross-trained, they just scheduled me in those areas and gave me a brief rundown.

    I would talk to the ETL-Hardlines and just tell them you are interested in helping out as much as you can around the holidays.

    To be honest, the more Redcards you get as a cashier…the less likely they will be to cross train you. 2.7 is actually pretty good. I'm at a .6. They see that number and suddenly I become front lanes poison because I'm not delivering on Redcards. They would much rather have someone who actually sells the Redcards then me on a register.

    • Taylor_167 says:

      At my store, they said that I have to do good at cashier so they know that I can take on another task there...I hate being a cashier and will do anything to work hard lines, will they most likely let me switch to hard lines after my 90 day evaluation?


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