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October 12, 2013 - Right.On.The.Bullseye

Let’s All Do Cartwheels for Target Cartwheel! (Just Kidding…)

This app that Corporate has come out with is finally where I have to add a post to this site.

It’s one thing if you’re at a register, the Electronics boat, the Deli/Bakery counter in a Super Target, or you’re assisting a guest—it’s another when Corporate apparently tells the ETL’s that team members have to take an hour out of their shift to walk their area and educate guests about Cartwheel. Because guests of course want to be harassed as they shop and a “Can I Help You Find Something?” isn’t enough these days. Just like the push on Red Cards prompted guests having to be approached at random and educated about the 5% savings, free shipping, extra 30 days on returns while they were on the salesfloor and it clearly couldn’t wait until they reached the front lanes. The only way my area can manage even bringing up Carthweel is if I see a guest picking up an item that has a coupon, and I could walk by saying, “OH, hey, did you know there’s a 5% off coupon on Target’s Cartwheel app?”I don’t have the app myself because I don’t shop Target enough (my own stubbornness and Target’s too expensive), but I feel like I need to download it just to know what’s going to be on sale every week to avoid problems with management…

I also love when ETL’s constantly come over to my area and ask me what I’m doing, if I’ve educated guests today, and kiss up to me about how great my department looks. My vocal answers are, “Oh, just getting this pull taken care off. Yeah, I talked to each and every guest. Some had it, others were interested and I helped them save x %. Aw, thanks. I’m doing my best in between back up calls.”
My mental answers are, “I’m WORKING. GO AWAY. No, I’ve not harrassed the customers, but thanks for asking. And well, glad you’re not wanting more from me because I just worked my ass off to get it to look this way while you walk by and call people out by their name to go back up cashier instead of you doing it yourself.”

…So, yeah, HOW ‘BOUT THAT CARTWHEEL APP? Happy freakin’ fourth quarter, everyone.

You’ll probably be hearing more from me in the future; I have many stories to share.


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  • viciousdave says:

    I see the same thing all the time. I'm a cashier and I know you backroom guys from sales floor guys hate getting called up for backup cashiers. I always thank you as it settles down again and you can go back to what you were doing. But overall, it should be the team leads who do the work, not backups. Come on, seriously, oh they get paid $2 more an hour because they get to do nothing but talk and walk around. Give me a fucking break, what bullshit this world is, they get paid more to walk and talk and write down some numbers on paper about breaks and some sale pricing and POS number shutdowns, oh big fucking woo. Holly shit, by common knowledge, jee willikers, those who do physical labor should get paid more because they are actually doing something.

    • yeahright says:

      STLs make six figures for being puppet-rulers last I heard. I wish I could make that much money writing emails, answering phone calls and sucking up to the DTLs instead of breaking my back for not even $1200 a month.

      • viciousdave says:

        Woah, you are lucky dude. Seriously. I make under $450 a check, X2 that's $900. I never get full time hours anymore, that's why my checks are always that low, like 60 to 65 hours total on checks. So it's more than part time, but still much less than full time. Average 25 to 30 hours a week is all I get. So I'm stuck living with my mom. No job will ever pay me enough, always low pay.

        • yeahright says:

          The saddest part is that it's not just Target that royally screws over their employees. I've worked for half a dozen retail companies and they ALL function similarly.

          • The people who get paid the most do the least

          • Supervisory positions usually require a degree, but often no prior job experience (which, surprise, means that NO ONE knows what they're doing and as a result end up standing around all day)

          • Non-salaried employees are seen as expendable and are paid as little as is possible, despite them working the hardest

          • The CEOs are massively overpaid, constantly try to improve morale through r******d programs like "the Vibe"

          • Cashiers are rated on speed, sales and extra BS like loyalty cards and attachments (which should be optional)

          Best example I can think of is a local Walmart: they cut employee hours, reduced their benefits packages, yet could afford to install flatscreen TVs throughout the store to play ads.

          Also, $1200 is what I get if I'm lucky enough to get 35-40 hours. Normally I'm around 27-30, though. It's a little easier since I'm backroom and occasionally help flow or with C&S (because the market team lead is a lazy c**t who doesn't do anything).

  • pinkzinnia says:

    I am the first one to piss and moan about people not doing their jobs and guests being real jerks, but I want to say something to others about thinking that management doesn't work or do anything..
    I have been in high management and due to some health issues I had to take a job at target as a cashier to keep food on the table and get some bills paid.

    You know how you get nagged by management about not doing your job? Well they are getting nagged by their bosses too. Their job is probably a 24/7 job and if you take their supposedly large salary and divide it into the actual hours they are expected to bleed for the company, I am sure it comes up a lot less then what any of us with the menial jobs are Getting.

    When I was in management and got wind of an employee bad mouthing what management does, I had them shadow me for a week. Day and night. I called them at home when I would get calls, I would fly them with me at the drop of a hat to a construction site half way across the country to babysit a subcontractor who would be too much of a prima Donna to complete his job in a timely manner.. By the end of the week, I rarely heard a peep out of the complainers again. Some of them would bring me coffee in the morning after that and once I got an I'm sorry for thinking you did nothing.

    Would you like to have 200-300 employees to deal with and rely on to make your ship run smoothly? It's not easy. Not easy at all. You have pissed off employees, pissed off guests and a boss up your butt asking why your store numbers aren't up to parr. It's very hard to please everybody and most of the time it seems as though you are pleasing nobody.

    You may see them just pushing a cart around or answering an email or talking on a walkie, but there is so much more that goes with that.. Granted, it is no excuse for them not to pitch in and show their employees that they are part of the team, but in the short time that I have been at target, I see that most team leads have little if any social skills, which should be mandatory for anyone in retail or for anyone who deals with the general public.

    There are lazy team leads as there are people in all aspects of target.. A big problem I see in the store I am in, and apparently in other stores, is that slackers aren't reprimanded or shown how to do their job correctly. Which leads back to the higher ups having little social skills to do positive correctives. I think without those skills, target should take the word 'team' out of anything they do.

    Vicious dave, you seem like a smart guy.. Try to get yourself into school to make a better life for yourself.. Start with one class and work your way up..improvement is good for the soul.. One should never stop learning.


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