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September 8, 2013 - Misstreatedcashier

Being Bullied is against the law and causing me mental anguish.

I work at a Target and well quite frankly I now hate my job. I have worked as a cashier for over 3 years, my first 2 reviews were E-Effective, my current review is a IE- Inconsistently Effective. Now I ask, WHY ALL OF A SUDDEN? I have a new GSTL and ETL-GE, they see me maybe an hour or so a week. How can they adequately grade my performance on that? Well I complained, and what I got back was basically them saying they don’t like my attitude, well yea I AM UPSET sorry that you pissed me off.

I of course was much nicer when I talked to them about it.

It is now causing me anxiety, depression, stress hives, etc. it all started with the new GSA position I applied for and was turned down for, I was properly dressed, had my resume in hand with a well put together cover letter. I was the only one who had this, others I am sure dressed well and did wonderful on their interviews. They picked a new girl (5 months) and the girl who hates me for god knows what reason (1 yr). So now this girl terrorizes me and tells the GSTL who already has a negative opinion of me all the things I do wrong in her eyes, just me… no one else. I have been doing these things for 3 years and now its a problem all of a sudden, wonder why? I tried to be transferred, I tried even moving work centers but due to my negative review I am stuck. On top of that I have a no call no show on my record for them not fixing it in the system for the person who took my shift. I am stuck till I find a new job.


At this point I don’t want to go to work as to avoid being bullied. I need the money for my bills, I need the job, but who wants to work in a place where they are constantly being tormented? I guess I will just bite my tongue, do my job, and grit my teeth while I am constantly degraded and ridiculed by rude customers and fellow employees.


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  • Chris. 349 says:

    Welcome to the club. At Target, at some point or another you'll run into someone who was hired to fit an agenda. These people won't have the companies or customers interest at heart. Instead they'll use their position to assert what they feel is a company given dominance over all their employees. There's not much you can do other than tarnish their reputation on this site and either find another job or put up with it and reward yourself for the anguish you were forced to go through.


    Best thing to cover your ass is to keep a log of dates, times, and the conversations happen when they are harassing you.

    Lets say for a months time keep your journal accurate with whom it is having these conversations with you.

    Have a closed door conversation with your HR / STL and let them know of the dates and instances of the harassment.

    Give it a bit of time and follow up with them.

    If that doesn't resolve then call the employee awareline from HR Services, so you're following chain of command. If then that doesn't work then you can contact local labor board and or attorney that will listen to your case.


    Most important though is the documentation will save your ass. If hr / stl ask for a copy make sure you get yours back and or also save it to your computer.

    If they retaliate and starve you for hours and or fire you then you have substantial proof of unjustified termination.

    That is how you put the noose around their neck and let them hang themselves.


    Now when I was working for the shitseye I had a hard time getting red cards at my latest store and the gsa said well theyre getting to the point theyre going to fire people who dont get them and I was like ok let them fire me.

    Nothing happened from it.

    Was a crock of shit and I lost complete and all respect for that person and a few other forms of management at that store.

    Now on my 90 day review they gave me effective and by the time I left and went to the new store I was at they put Ineffecient Effective and gave a shitty raise.

    The trash they wrote on the review was plain garbage. Most of it was bullshit.

    Ended up wiping my ass with it and threw it in the dumpster.

  • viciousdave says:

    I don't worry too much about bad leaders any more. I come in, I cashier, I do the job, I go home. While they're on your ass about the red cards and justifying you by just what person gives reviews and says here you go you haven't done great, IE, they can't fire you. So you didn't get good red cards for people to sign up for. Explain to them as I have, I can ask and ask but that doesn't guarantee I will get even one out of the usual 350 check outs I've done. Getting some one to sign up is the guests choice, I can't make them. I don't even ask anymore and when a GSTL comes, I just say, yeah I have asked, people just don't want it, and over half of my guests have and are using a red card already.


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