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October 29, 2013 - DestroyTarget

The Holidays are Coming.

The holidays are near! That means there will be crowds of guests shopping in our store and that means I’ll be asking about the REDcard more than I ever have before until my tongue dries up and crumbles out of my mouth! The customers will become snappier than they usually are because they are too busy trying to snatch what they want before the shelves are stripped bare and people will be extremely impatient jostling through packed isles and waiting in extremely long lines for who knows how long. I can’t wait to see how rudely I’ll be treated for asking about a card WHEN IT IS MY JOB TO DO SO. I’ll be complained about even more when I don’t give them a discount because their coupons are expired or because they need three items for a five dollar gift card instead of two. I can already think of the joyful mood everyone will be in if the cash register’s monitor freezes and randomly reboots because Target never bothers to fix its equipment as much as I complain and as much money they get from customers to afford to fix things. Think of all the transactions that will take forever to complete because the touch pads don’t work. I’d better memorize which cash registers work the best so I’ll have first dibs on them, because this is gonna get ugly. I’ve never worked before, but I bet this’ll happen.


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  • yeahright says:

    I'm somewhat hoping that this holiday season will be lighter due to the government shutdown and small amounts of people boycotting Black Friday.

    However, Target is just as r******d as ever and is opening at 9pm on Thanksgiving despite the backlash last year, so I guess we'll see.

    • yeahright says:

      Announcement was made today that we're opening at 8pm, not 9pm. It looks like there's already some petitions against it, such as this one:

  • viciousdave says:

    I'll most likely be working the Thanksgiving opening little hours and the black Friday hours. I also work Christmas Eve always and New Year. I do it because I get paid that time and a half for those hours. I don't give a shit about Target anymore, they can ask and ask me to ask guests for the red card and say the 5% savings and the free shipping online and 5% discount after 5 pharmacy pick ups, because 9 out of 10 already have a damn red card. Target, wake the fuck up, you can't rule the entire world with your red cards, people are smarter than that. If a guest has a problem, I'll simply explain you didn't read the small print, still don't agree, I will say these computers do not lie about our sales as I have been working here 5 years and know about the infostructure of our product deals and special sales because I read them and I have a college degree for this job. If they still can't believe me than they are r******d idiots of no good and cheap bastards.


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