Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • December 17, 2011 - wastedyears

    Don’t make a long term commitment to Target.

    Most Target Stores are actively trying to get rid of all older, long term team members.  I am reporting my experience to my state EEOC.  I have for seen them systematically using any excuse to fire or force team members out — all of which have worked for target for over 15 years. I am a recent recipient of  this fate.  I ran a fully green area.  I have seen them try to trick Team members into talking about work after they have clocked out and then write them up for it.  They used the pfresh remodels to write team members up for poor scores, when they had little control of what the remodel teams were doing to their areas.  I heard from a reliable source that STLs are being told to get out all the long term team members.  With a it’s them or you kind of inference.   If this has happened to you I encourage you to contact the EEOC as well.  They will continue to get away with this if we all don’t speak-up.


  • - fuck_target

    Target is unfair

    So I have been at target for a year now working in the backroom, and when I first started, everything seemed to be going fine. Within the first few months, I heard I would be getting a raise, so I thought I was doing great. When it came though, I found out my pay had raised by five cents an hour. WTF! It was like a giant slap to the face, like I’m only worth an extra five cents. Then they started leading me on to become a team lead, and started giving me tasks to do everyday other than my normal backroom duties. It went on for months, but still no sign of the promotion. They eventually said I should come up with some goals or some bullshit, then never got back to me. I found out recently someone who has been there for just a couple months is already up for promotion, which kinda pisses me off. They dump all the work on the lowly peons we are to them, and get upset and cry like little babies when we are unable to get all the work done.

  • December 16, 2011 - formerteammember17

    worst run company I’ve ever seen

    I worked at supertarget for just over 4 years.  I’ve never seen a company so good at finding what works and then going out of their way to fuck it up. Overall the experience was a train wreck.  Employees were treated like slaves, overworked and greatly underpaid.  They preached about working as a team, yet we were coached and written up for talking with other team members even if we were both working.  They don’t want free thinking team members, they want mindless zombies that halfheartedly ask every customer “can i help you find something” before sprinting to the registers for a backup.  And don’t even think about changing your availability.  Just getting my availability changed for school took weeks of back and forth fighting with my department Etl, who repeatedly rejected the request without reason.  At one point he actually accepted the request and then deleted it, telling me a few days later that he never received it.  Even after I showed him the email saying the request was approved, he claimed it was a computer error.  As far as time off requests go…. don’t even bother.  A request that I put in over a month in advance for the week before thanksgiving (since we’re required to work black friday I wasn’t able to go out of town to visit family so I attempted to go the week before instead) was denied, his reason was “you have to work black friday”.  um….dumbass I didn’t request black friday off I requested one day for the week BEFORE.  When I asked him about it all he said was “oops, well it’s too late to change it now, sorry”.  I put in my 2 weeks and timed it so that my last day was the day before my requested day off.  I will never work for this company again and strongly advise anyone thinking of applying to turn around and run, not walk, out of that place.

    I will however, say that it was not all entirely bad all the time.  We had a small number of good etl’s and team leads (although the vast majority were complete idiots).  We also had a very good team of hard working employees, and to those who suffered alongside me in this hellhole through all those miserable shifts, I thank you for making the job just a little less terrible

    one last note to show just how idiotic this company can be, they called me the day AFTER my last day of work to ask if I would go in and close for them.  I had to explain to them that they have to call actual employees for that sort of thing, not people who no longer work for the company.

  • - SinnIsADeadMan

    I just quit target

    Target is the worst place to work for because it is nothing but a lie right from the start.
    I just quit my flow/zone job at target after only 3 weeks because it was the worst job I have ever had. I HAVE NEVER QUIT A JOB BEFORE!!!!

    #1. It says its Fast, Fun, and Friendly… Bull shit They think because they have PB and J sandwitches thats suppost to be fun?
    You cant talk, have music, sing, or ask questions or get answers!

    #2. The so called team leaders are all yuppy controling boring assholes who act as thoe working at target is like saving the lives of millions. They are all snooty and ignore anything you ask of them. They never say hi to you only to the people they wanna say hi to.

    #3. They always have negitive feedback to the job you are doing such as
    (we didnt do so good today cause we took 23 seconds longer to finish then yesterday)

    I was finally sick of the hypocrisy and mombo jumbo of this bullshit place people take way too seriously. Its a shame cause it could be a great place to work but as quint said in Jaws (theres too many captins on this island

    Or on your second day of work hearing (you should know this by ow)
    #4. The day shift all fuck around and laugh yell in the mics. But once night shift starts its a concentration camp.

  • December 11, 2011 - zilada5

    Time To Quit!

    I was hired on as a Seasonal Early Morning Flow Team Member back in October. I should have known right from the beginning when, a week after my interview (when they said they’d contact me the next day about hiring), they still hadn’t called. I called them to inquire and they invited me in that same day for a formal job offer. Yay!

    Next came orientation. It was me and a few other Flow Team new hires, all seasonal (one of whom quit her first week). They told me during orientation, and during the interview, that I would work Flow Team and after 60 days, would have the opportunity to crosstrain for additional hours. When handed my training schedule, lo and behold, “Cashier” was my day 3. Not a happy camper. There’s a reason I didn’t apply as a Cashier. When I asked about it, they said it was a requirement to be trained as a Cashier. I asked why I wasn’t told about that and they said, “Surely, you were.” I think I would have remembered that.

    Flow Team training seemed to be ok – my trainer was pretty cool, but the Team Lead has a way of guilting us into staying past our end time on days when we’re running behind. I caught on early and have since refused to stay late, even though he can sometimes make it uncomfortable and awkward to say no to a couple extra hours. About a week into it, I figured out that my trainer had told me quite a few things that weren’t correct about how to do the job – “Just put the dog food and chemicals on the same backstock cart.” “Yes, we have to break down even these really tough boxes.” “Go straight to HB after A and B are done every day.” (Team Leader usually wanted me somewhere else after A and B and told me not to assume anything. I said that my trainer said to and he said HE was the leader, not my trainer.)

    Then, 3 weeks into my work there, my Team Leader “trained” me on stocking food and on the Flow Team job itself (Yes, THREE weeks after starting, I was “officially” trained). This training consisted of him sitting beside me at the computer and literally telling me the answers to the questions on the test before I even had a chance to read the question, and I never read the booklet. Great job, Team Leader. I feel super prepared.

  • December 6, 2011 - targetbendsmeover

    Target Get mad if you work over 40 hours a week

    At my store they get mad at you if you work over 40 hours a week. Because they don’t want to pay you over time. If you work over 40 hours a week you must sign a paper saying you will watch you schedule. Is that legal? Can anyone answer me.

  • December 5, 2011 - Shelly

    I’m free at last!

    I recently got a 5% bonus card from the Pharmacy rewards so I figured what the heck I will shop a little bit while I am in getting our prescriptions.  I really don’t shop there since they changed the rewards program from 15% bonuses you got when you spend a certain amount on the Red Card to this 5% crap, plus now I can’t use the cash off on our prescriptions anymore like I used to be able to.  Well, while we were in the store I looked at a Food Saver but my husbands back was hurting so I told him what the Target employees have been telling me all along, the card is good all day and I can use it on line.  So we checked out, the cashier gave me the discount card back and sure enough told me “its good all day and you can use it on line”.  Well that very evening I put the Food Saver in my virtual cart at and put in the 5% code on the back and poof, nothing happens.  I called Target and promptly got to talk to someone in India who instead of telling me the stupid card was not good on line, made me get my glasses and read the grey tiny print on the back, about 2/3 of the way down it says discount not good at  REALLY?!?!  I told the guy that was too bad and Target just lost a sale since I could find it cheaper at Amazon if I didn’t have the coupon.  He just said oh, sorry to hear that, is there anything else I can do for you?  Ummmmm nope I think that about covered it.  I cut up my red card visa and will not shop Target again.  I get better rewards with my American Express, Delta Visa or even Discover.  I feel so liberated! 🙂

  • - deartarget

    Lame GSTL

    Hey guys!

    To be honest, I don’t hate Target… yet.

    Now that I am a seasonal employee at Target, I see things a little bit differently.
    First off, I was smart enough to NOT apply at the Target’s within 5 minutes of my home. I would never deal with such craziness for minimum wage. I went ahead and applied at a Target close to my college that was in a much nicer area. Wonderful idea might I add. I was surprised to see that starting pay was actually 50cents more than what I was expecting. I know that may not seem that much to most people but its better than my last two jobs and I am as they say, a starving student paying everything on my own.

    My department as a Sales Floor Team Member was Softlines but I would of course have to learn how to be a Cashier. On the day of orientation we were asked if any of us would like to stay for more reading and possibly get trained for cashier. I stayed because not only was it more hours but maybe they would like me just a tad bit more than the ones who said no thanks.

  • December 3, 2011 - ayra32

    Before Christmas? C’mon.

    So, I began working at the big T about a month ago, as a seasonal employee. I don’t have a car, so I would have to bicycle eight miles there, and eight miles back. Given that it’s about a 40 minute bike to work, to work four hours. I was a little upset. Especially since I was told that I would be getting around 30 hours a week (more like 10-15 hours.) I was hired in at 7.90, and was going to use the money to buy groceries and Christmas presents.
    Well, I fudged on my schedule. It was my fault. I thought I was supposed to work from 11-7:30pm instead of 4-8:30am. I show up at 11, go to punch in. And my manager asks me where I had been all day. Not knowing that I was scheduled for 4 in the morning. He then proceeded to tell me that to be a member of the “Target team” You need dedication.  As if biking 16 fucking miles a day in November isn’t enough dedication to the shit hours you’re giving me? He then proceeded to tell me that, as a seasonal employee. I have lost all chance at becoming a regular Target team member, and that I may possibly be fired the next day. Though he still wanted me to work a four hour shift today. And with any employment, i’d assume it’s a little hard to keep a smile on your face, knowing that the next day, you might not have a job.
    But, I worked anyway. Knowing that now I may not be able to afford the Christmas presents I had told my mother I was going to buy for my brothers/sister (21, I live with a friend/barely ever see my family)
    Seasonal positions only last until the end of December, so why threaten me? I already know I’ll be looking for another job in a few weeks anyway… Well, now I wait to hear what the head master has to say about my pending employment situation.
    In a way, I’m sort of hoping I get fired, because there’s only so much I can stand of their pompous self righteous attitudes. Fuck’ em.

  • We are conducting an investigation into allegations that Target employees are missing breaks and lunches.  If you work or previously worked for Target and did not receive your breaks/ lunches as required by law, please contact our office.  We would like to hear what happened in your case.

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