Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

March 29, 2013 - POedAP

Assets Protection is the new Sales Floor Associate.

I have worked for Target for a number of years, and probably one of the better Assets Protection Team Members Target has. This is not boasting, because it is been acknowledged through corporate channels. However, as of late, it has become a new fad to force the AP Team to sell RED Cards, Zone, run abandons, do pulls, get carts, etc. Why? Someone fucked up the hours and thought no Cart Attendant on a Saturday was a good idea. One cashier? No problem, take it from the Sales Floor. Oh, now we can’t zone? Uh, oh AP is here!

No. Fucking stop right there. Not my job. Says so in my Directives.

Also says to listen to the LOD.

When it does not conflict with Directives.

Nope. Irrelevant.


Also, sell RED Cards. It deters theft.

Excuse me? No it doesn’t.

Yes it does. Thieves see you handing out these flyers (RED Card Applications), and won’t want to see you.

What fucking logic is that? No. They see I’m now an information kiosk, not doing you know, my job!

Nope. Wrong answer. Also, you aren’t going to be promoted unless you sell RED Cards.

You know I can’t use the register right?

Yeah, but you know we’ll see you selling RED Cards, so that makes the STL happy, and you know if they are not on board, you will never get promoted.

…fuck you Target.

Too late, we already fucked you, and we didn’t even buy you dinner.

That’s Target for you.


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  • Potsdamgraduate says:

    I always loved that and in the video when they said, "You're the best defense that we have to stop people from stealing." Really? HOW? If there's a limited number of us and we're zoning our area in "A"; how are we supposed to deter a theft in "G"? I never understood that. But OK Tarjay, whatever you say. I mean I was just a hard lines TM, but I never dared to question them. lol

  • Newdoorgreeter says:

    Its more then that. Lets hope we prevent theft by standing at the door. All that happens is the criminals conceal on the floor and we have no fucking idea what leaves the store. But push reds!!! The truly best and proven prevention is to be random. Once you are predictable you are fucked. Target you have fucked yourself to billions in loss and over 80% of the criminals wont leave a trace of packaging you fucking morons!!!!!!

    • POedAP says:

      No joke. "You are a deterrent to theft because they see you."

      Uh, no they just steal in the back of the store. The ones that are deterred are the ones I have caught multiple times, so they know I know them.

      I work with the Police Department (Volunteer/Auxillary so not yet "real cop"), so I joked if we sat at the border it would prevent crime in the rest of the city because they see us. The whole shift at role call was dying in laughter. They asked who said that? Target. The Sgt looked at me and said, you're joking right?

      No. Sadly, I am not...

  • Angelknight says:

    ._. omg pushing red cards. I sure as heck don't want to be bombarded with it. I want to sign up only if i feel like it. No wonder why target wants ex zellers employees dirt cheap. Because they are drilled into pushing the company cc already.

  • Potsdamgraduate says:

    Target management lives in a very delusional fantasy land.

  • RedCardMan says:

    Redcards is Targets way of busting employees out - even (especially) store execs.
    Thats why the new acceptable score is a ridiculous 2.03 whatever. Our AP guy is also badgered day and night. I wondered why. Any excuse they make is just a reason try to bust you out. They seem to be trying overhaul the entire compnay by turnig over employees. They can't fire with no casue so they had to make up reasons.


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