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April 6, 2013 - bestdayever

Update on the best day ever!

I posted here several months ago about my experience working at Target for 3 years and then finally finding a better job and being able to quit.  I felt like it was appropriate to give an update of my life post-Target hell.

I worked at Target for a little over 3 years.  I started out as a cashier and about 3 months later got promoted to GSA.  To know the full story of my horrors, please refer to my previous post.  One day at work a friend and previous Target co-worker came in and told me about a job opening they had at her work.  I applied and got the job.

Now I sit at a desk calling insurance companies and employers to process their workman’s comp claims.  I started out at $12/hr(was making $9.44 after 3 years at Target) and absolutely love it.  That was back in October and I can honestly say that I am happier than ever!  Not only do I not have to deal with asshole guests, ETL’s and REDcards, but the people here actually appreciate you.  Get this, here is their attendance policy: If you’re sick, stay home, we don’t need your illness.  If you’re super stressed out or tired and aren’t going to perform well, stay home and take a day to recoup.  If your child is sick and you don’t have a baby sitter, stay home, family comes first.  HOLY CRAP!  Am I dreaming???  Nope, this place is for real.  Plus we get these things called bonuses when we work hard.  I’m talking real cash bonuses every single month if we meet our goals in addition to a yearly performance based cash bonus.  Not this “Oh we voted you our top performer for the month so you get a $1 candy bar!  Don’t you just feel so appreciated!”, no, they put real money in your hand and say good job.  In addition to that, last week was review time.  For you Target workers, you know what this means.  You get pulled into the office and they spend about 30 seconds talking about how well you’ve done and 10 minutes talking about mostly made up things you need to improve on, scrutinize every single day you had to leave early or call in(even if it was for legitimate reasons) and then expect you to be incredibly grateful for their super generous $0.04 raise.  I was expecting something similar at my new job, I’d only been there about 6 months so I didn’t expect much.  In their minds, they weren’t giving me much and apologized for it, but explained that I had only been there a short time but next year’s raise would be much bigger.  How much did I get?  A whole freaking dollar!  If you took every single raise I ever got working at Target for 3 years(not including the raise I got for changing positions) it all adds up to less than $0.50.

We were just told that we needed to hire 4 new people so first thing I did was pay it forward and try to steal as many Target TM’s as possible.  I am pretty discreet about it, but the ETL’s know what I’m doing.  It kills me that they can’t do anything about it either.  So far we’ve hired 2 Target people and they were long timers that basically did everything and I know the store is going to suffer without them.  It is like a double win because I’m still sticking it to Target AND I’m getting to save someone all at the same time 🙂

I want all of you still stuck in the devil’s bulls eye to use this as inspiration.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  If you look long enough, you will find a better job and be able to escape their clutches.




  • mrsnava82 says:

    That's really great that all this happened. I'm actually glad that Target fired me it was the best thing they could ever do to me. Because 3 days later, I found another job, that paid me more. 10.85 is starting pay and they pretty much are honest with you there and don't lie to you and then when review comes, they say something totally different. You are right about those times when they did those reviews. Because, my first review with them was my last one. They said all the good things that I've done which only last 30 seconds and then completely contradicted themselves and everything they said I did good, they did a complete opposite and made up stuff. Like oh my good point was I was always friendly and helpful with the guest and then later turned around and said I had horrible customer service. I don't care though, cause like I said them firing me was the best thing they did to me, cause then I got a better job. Good job with getting people out of there. I wish I could do the same, but I heard already alot of TM are trying to leave the store and looking for other jobs. I'm glad too. Cause Target sucks.

  • bestdayever says:

    Some of my favorites were:
    We love how knowledgeable you are about best practice and how you take the initiative to resolve issues yourself instead of constantly bothering the TL's and ETL's; You need to start calling the ETL's more instead of just doing things yourself
    We love the rapport you have with the team and how well you can motivate them and have earned their trust; you need to not be as nice to the team members
    We love how many REDcards you get when you're in Electronics or on the Salesfloor; Your conversion is at the lower end of green, we want to see it go up
    You are very dependable and reliable with your attendance, we know you'll always show up for your shifts and come in if we need to fill a spot; You are struggling with your attendance
    We love your ability to multitask and accomplish many things in a short period of time; You need to work on completing multiple projects in a shorter period of time
    We love how you've taken the initiative to be trained in EVERY SINGLE DEPARTMENT OF THE STORE; We would like to see you be more global.

  • quitters_win says:

    I will sit in the HR's office until I get what I want and if they don't give me what I want than FIRE ME ON SPOT BITCH. FUCK TARGET.


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