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March 28, 2013 - redevilredevil

I thought I was going to die.

So Sunday add was suppose to be an easy task. Well the team member that was suppose to help me put it up in softlines didnt show up that morning. Then we had a ton of signs specially shoes. So they gave me  2 guys too help me out. The one who helped me in shoes was pretty slow, he did 2 rows I did the rest, anyways any type of help was appreciated.  The other one I sent to infant gondolas which he didnt finish he just walked off. Found some signs on the end cap and thats how I figured out he had gone back to his area. At 8am when the store opens I was scheduled to be operator which also means I was the only one in softlines. I asked my lod for help since I had nobody he said everything was going to be ok but it wasnt signs werent done the team member that was supposed to go in at 11am also called in. I didnt get my breaks only my lunch and thats only because I practically begged, I went to lunch 10 minutes before going into compliance. I’ve made friends while I’ve been at Target and one of them thankfully stepped up and helped me finish the signing. A tl said it was the stupudest thing she’d heard when at 8am I told her I wasnt even done. I just wanted to slap her because it was just me working in softlines. The next softlines tm didnt show up until 1:30 pm. I was operator, sales floor and signing person that Sunday.  And on top of that they kept calling for someone from softlines to go for back up. It wasn’t until I told them there was no one available that they stopped calling.  Stray was out of control at the fitting room the room were a mess the phone was ringing of the hook guests needed help in shoes and gondolas and the other team member that went in at 1:30 was up at the front lanes for back up. It was the happiest moment when I saw my relief coming towards the operators desk. I wanted to cry tears of joy.  over the past years Target has become a horrible place to work. Over working and then unnapreciating us when we do all this for them.  Im so happy I had friends their that day to help me out because I don’t know what else I woulve done. People at the fitting room saw me rushing trying to get everything done amd felt sorry for me. Every time I work I have at least 3 or 4 guests that tell me they feel bad and they would never be able to do my job. This has been my worst time at Target. And probably the way its going wont be the last. They cant even get people anymore. New team members are always quitting old team members are always trying to give their hours away.  I remember when I didnt mind  clocking in 5 minutes early and now I just wait till my actual clock in time. Target is a disgrace they treat their tm like crap.  And dont appreciate the hard work they put in.


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  • Potsdamgraduate says:

    they definitely have unrealistic expectations of their team. Especially when the # of people in the store is limited; how do you expect us to help EVERYONE else in the store, do our jobs, and back up cashier when there's only two on HL and two on SL? Well we just have to work "faster," that's the infinite wisdom bestowed upon us from the management. Thanks, a-holes! That place is crap. I did love helping my TM and guests... surprisingly, that's not the worst part of the job. But dealing w/ the management and any of their BS ... I just wanted to slap the shit out of them too most days.

  • bestdayever says:

    Here is how the Target Ladder usually goes
    DTL-sits in office, visits other stores to tell the STL's that they aren't doing enough, tells STL's that they are using too much payroll and if they don't cut, they won't get bonuses
    STL-sits in office telling ETL's that their TL's aren't doing enough, tells ETL's to cut hours so they can get their bonuses
    ETL-sits in office telling TL's that their team isn't working hard enough and that they need to cut hours
    TL's-getting yelled at by ETL's to do more work, making the schedule, telling their team to do everything for them
    TM's-doing everything in the entire store by themselves and then being told by all of the above that they aren't working hard enough


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