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April 7, 2013 - immut

I feel like a kleenex.

Ok so here’s my story. I worked the overnight shift during a supremely busy Christmas season at a store that was very busy to begin with. I will tell you guys this right away: never work overnights at target. If you think the day shift is bad, you haven’t seen anything. Several people I worked with had already filed workers comp for RSI injuries sustained while working.

My job was reshop. Every single day, that’s all I did. Usually just me, occasionally they threw me a helper. I’ll spoil the ending, after the Christmas season was over, I got pinkslipped for not doing it fast enough. Maybe I was slow? I don’t know for a good two months my TLs said I was doing just fine. Then come January, suddenly sorting and pushing 25-30 (50+ during the entire week after Christmas) entire, mostly unsorted carts of reshop (with up to three full carts of dvds when sorting was over and done with) over the course of the night wasn’t good enough. They didn’t give me a good solid number or time frame for when I should have been done. At one point we actually had a conversation where my TL told me “It shouldn’t take all night to put away 17 carts”, to which I had point out they’d delivered 8 more while I was working.  I don’t know, am I really that slow? Should I really have been averaging less than 10 minutes per cart? It’s not like I had anyone else to compare my performance to, or a hard number goal to work towards.  But I know I wasn’t being lazy, at the very least.

Honestly I think they just wanted to get rid of me at my 90 day eval. In retrospect, I don’t think they intended to let me stay on at all, even before pulling a complete 180 on me. Because any time other than Christmas, they don’t need someone whose only experience or training is 500 hours of reshop, especially when the entire rest of the team is telling me “Oh it’ll get better, we only have 5 or so carts the rest of the year“. Later I was told by a co worker most of that night shift quit or transferred to day shift, either because the pay simply wasn’t worth the work or because they were only being called in one night a week.

And to cap it all off, despite their poorly foreshadowed disapproval, I busted my ass enough, running, riding on carts, breaking basically every safety rule they had (they never saw this), that they were forced to say “We’ve seen some improvement over the last week, but it’s just not enough”.


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