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March 30, 2013 - Lady

Of course I want to stay till noon… every day

I am so glad I found this site and even more so knowing that I’m not just being a cry baby and other people are having the same problems as me.

Here’s my Bullseye Bullshit:

I started working at Target in July of 2012 on the flow team. I was supposed to work from 4am-8am, “supposed to” being the key phrase (I’ll get to this in a bit).

I liked it well enough in the beginning, why wouldn’t I? I got to run around and throw cheap Made in China crap on the shelves and I didn’t have to talk to anybody.

I don’t think I was even free of the 90 day probation period when they decided I should do HBA repacks, the first three days I had help, then I was on my own. After a while they decided that I should also pull HBA. I’m claustrophobic and our HBA/pets stock room is TINY (I’m 5’7 about 120 pounds and I have to go sideways down the aisles). Awesome -.-

When I finally got my time down for HBA carts, had everything figured out, and was on cosmetics by lunch, which happens around 8ish (that’s my time goal if I have 10 boxes or 110, it needs to be done by lunch time) they wanted me to do Instocks, then they put me in softlines to push, then they put me back in the wave. After a month of throwing me around they put me back on HBA carts and couldn’t figure out why (after I had been cross-trained in almost every overnight position) I wasn’t as fast. I dunno, maybe they had me so stressed out from remembering how to do 100 different tasks I had to forget a few things to keep up.

I’ve been in this giant turd for almost 9 months and they have finally settled and decided to keep me in HBA and only throw me in stationary maybe once a week.

On staying until noon:

I have my time for HBA repacks down to where it should be as long as I don’t get any more than 50 repacks and the truck doesn’t take an hour and a half to unload (and don’t get caught skipping break). Sometimes they put me in stationary, or in the wave, which is fine, I like the change of pace. What I don’t like is having to push cosmetics when it’s not my task for the day. I don’t mind helping whoever was supposed to push it, there’s usually at least a flat bed of of crap that needs pushed. But I don’t like being the only person over there, especially when there are a million “guests” asking me what the best kind of makeup is. I don’t know. Do I look like the kind of person who wears makeup? You can’t see me, but the answer to that is “no”. There are a few team members who come over and ask if I need help, which I really appreciate. But the bosses always send people home, so if those few people who help me are off I’m all alone, pushing mountains of makeup. On the rare occasion when one of the bosses checks on me before noon they send any help I have home and expect me to finish pushing and back stocking unreasonably quick.

On the positive side of things I’m actually getting a decent amount of hours.

Then they bitch about overspending payroll…

A note for any new employees or individuals interested in working flow: do your best to be a mediocre employee.

I cannot wait to get out of here, I am so stressed out.


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