Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

March 29, 2013 - mrsnava82

Thank you so much Target for firing me…….

That was the best thing that Target ever did they fired me and for stupid bullshit reasons too that were never true. Its funny how they had to come up with stuff just to fire me. This is a long post so feel free to continue on reading.

Anyways let me tell you about my experience at Target.

Before working at Target, I worked at Wal Mart (yeah I know I left a shitty place for another shitty place. Well, actually I would have rather worked at Wal Mart once more then spend all that time at Target. Actually Wal Mart treated me way better. But would I recommend Wal Mart to anyone HELL NO!!!!!!!! Would I recommend Target to anyone HELL NO!!!!). But anyways, I was looking for another job to go work at besides Wal Mart, because wal mart had really started to cut down on the employees hours like really alot. I was like there was no way that I could live off the amount of hours they were giving me. They gave me no hours. Anyways, enough about Wal Mart I’m talking about Target here. So, I decided since I loved shopping at Target so much and it just seemed so peaceful everytime I walked in Target, I thought, oh how nice it would be to work there. So I put in my application. While my application was in the system, I was still working my few shitty hours at Wal Mart. Then after 2 weeks, Target calls me and they call me for a phone interview. I’m like really a phone interview, for a retail job. Um yeah, okay. So I decided to go ahead and do the phone interview with the associate, (which turned out to be the team lead.) The morning he calls, he was like 10 mins late for the phone interview. I was about ready to give up, and just go back to sleep. I figured okay, obviously I’m not that important if you’re not even calling me on time for a phone interview. When I was ready to give up, I get the call. Basically I was being asked the typical interview questions like blah blah why would you like to work for Target, why are you leaving Wal Mart and then they told me what my position would be. Which was a price accuracy associate, (side note: don’t ever do that job cause it sucks. Also its not as easy as it sounds, because if you don’t have a full team, which consist of 5 people, then there is no way you are going to make it unless you are speedy gonzales.) Anyways, I was like oh that sounds like a fun job. So then the guy ends the interview and hangs up.

Time goes by, I’m still working at Wal Mart and then I get called in for another interview. You can imagine how happy I was. So anyways, I was like yea. I go into my interview, and the interview guy was late once again for the interview like seriously, does the people not care? And oh Target is all big about attendance and being to work on time, but yet the TL’s and LOD’s can’t do an interview on time. Supposedly this guy was off for the day and spending time with family. Okay why schedule an interview on a day that you are off. Are these people incompetent? Well obviously so. So anyways, eventually the guy comes in and he didn’t even know that he had an interview until someone finally told him. Once again I was about ready to walk out and say forget Target (Now I wish I would have I might have been still working at Wal Mart.) Anyways, I go through the interview in a breeze and the guy hires me on the spot. Once again I’m really excited. I head back to the  breakroom to wait for HR and I meet this girl who too got hired and for the same thing Price Accuracy. Her and I became instant friends, and we still are today. Okay so we’re sitting in the break room for like hours and hours ( Why I didn’t get up and walk out I have no idea.) I was literally waiting on HR to come into the breakroom for literally 4 hours no joke. Once again, no one knew we were waiting on them (obviously no one decided to inform them that there were two new hires waiting.) Anyways after 4 hours finally HR comes in and decides to finally get us and tell us about our drug test and make sure we do it the next day. Bla bla bla and so on ect. I was still excited. After all these signs I should have known that Target was the worse place to work at.

So anyways I went the next day to get drug test done even showed up at Wal Mart late just to have it done.  But anyways, I waited two weeks before I found out about orientation, which was perfect for me, because I could give my two weeks notice at Wal Mart. On orientation day, it was of course one of the most boring orientations I ever had and I’ve been through a lot of orientations. Anyways, we ran into this girl who had been at target for awhile and she was 17 or 18 I can’t remember. Anyways, she was like are you for orientation and then she started telling us how big of a mistake we are making and that we should just leave because Target sucks and so on etc. (once again, a bad sign and yeah I didn’t want to listen to her because she was young and it just sounded like she was complaining. But now I have seen the light. Wish I listened to her.)

Orientation day over, first day of work. Was spent walking around with the TL having him tell you what price accuracy was all about and training us and just being there for any questions. I must say this guy just truly sucks at training people and I don’t see why he is still there. After 2 weeks and yes two weeks, the management is already complaining about us being too slow and bla bla bla. Only spent one week with the TL who sucks, and then the other time he was MIA. Like where the hell is our TL.  When we did see him he’s like oh you’re doing such an awesome job keep up the good work, yet the LOD’s are telling us we suck and we are too slow. I spent to hell months at stupid target and oh was I ever glad they let me go and they let my friend go too. Each time the LOD told us hey you’re working too slow, speed up. I always went to the TL and said hey what am I doing wrong, is there anything that I can do to increase my speed.  His answer was oh, no you’re doing great keep on doing what you are doing. Don’t worry about it. I was like hey…I really like this job I’d hate to lose it. Then he was like ok you’re once again are doing a great job, keep up the good work. If you like I can work along side you tomorrow and give you some pointers. Well great thanks cause I don’t want to lose my job!!!!!!!! Did he work along side me? HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!! He was once again MIA. My friend was even told that she was the best on the team once again he told her SHE WAS THE BEST ON THE TEAM. Okay if she is the best on the time, why the hell did they fire her.

So months go by with LOD yelling at us for going to slow, work not getting done, the scores on the store going down, because of the price accuracy team. There was only 3 people on the team which should have had 5 people on the team not including the TL. 3 people trying to do a days worth of work. Only 2 people working on a really big work load day. Now why the HELL DID THEY DO THAT. I don’t know and I really don’t care. Anyways, when it came close to the day they fired me and my friend, they decided to give us only 8 hours. Oh and I forget to mention, that there was this one other team member who was going extremely slow and he’s going at a snails pace, but there are the 2 of us who is working like extremely fast. Tell me why would he spend 2 hours on one rack of clothes. I don’t know, do I care, HELL NO!!!! And he’s still there WHAT THE HELL. Anyways, to continue on with us getting fired. The morning of…I see my TL he seems in a extremely happy mood and then he mentions that I will be getting my review early and it will be that day. With his cheery mood, I figured oh it must be good I can’t wait. So I’m working my butt off and he goes to my friend first to give her review. I’m like oh joy. So I continue to work and work and then I look up I see her walking off all pissed off. She has her jacket on and her stuff. I’m like oh crap, did she just get fired and I start slowing down. I’m like you know what if she’s getting fired (SHE’S THE BEST ON THE TEAM) Then I guess I’ll be getting fired too. So I stop working. Looking around for the TL which finally finds me. He takes me to the room with this one LOD that everyone hates and she’s a complete B#$&H. I’m like great. So he starts off with the great points…..

1.Thanks for coming into work every day and on time. We really appreciate that.

2. Thanks for always gathering up supplies for the team each morning when you get in.

3. Thanks for helping out the team members throughout the store, when they need help.

4. Thanks for always helping out a customer when they needed your help and thanks for always asking can I help you find something.

5. Thanks for being so friendly to all Team Members at Target.

BUT……And I knew there was a BUT in there these idiots.

There were some other things that we didn’t like and so on etc.

1. No one knows your name, you aren’t a team player. (Wait what, note #3 from above) And every time I walk into the store, people say good morning and mention my name. No one knows what team you’re on and what your job is. (But every morning people always ask about my work load and everyone knew the team I was on Price Accuracy.) Really okay.

2. You don’t communicate with your team members, uh I always communicate with my team members what the HELL are you talking about.

3. Your speed has never improved and you never asked the TL for help and asked for tips. (Um what, I asked you plenty of times for help and tips. Did I get help or tips no I didn’t but yet, also the words that came out of your mouth was you’re doing a great job there is no need to worry about your job. Ha ha.)

4. (There’s these red tags that we have to put up when we are clearancing items and they have to be put up each time. For a couple of weeks I didn’t put them up and each and everytime the team got yelled at about that, I first started putting up the tickets and then I decided to let the TL know hey it was me I’m sorry. Well excuse me, I’ll never be honest at another job again. I decided to tell him cause I didn’t want my team to get yelled at for things I was doing and then I fixed he even mentioned that they were being fixed and thanks for that.) He goes and you never put up the tickets where clearanced items go. He mentions a whole block that didn’t have them But yet, it was getting better. Okay.

5. I have the worst customer service ever. (Lol, every team member at Target at Wal Mart my friends my family, even people that don’t know me, will say I have awesome customer service and please note 4) There have been times, I’ve had customers oh wait, my bad guest. Say how awesome I was and thank you for helping them and how they complain that when they go to other stores, no one even bothers to stop and walk them to the area of the product (Wal Mart a guest actually mentioned that, and I knew how true that was being that I worked there.)

And because of all those pointers, we have to terminate you. (LOL.) Now that I think about it, thank God they fired me. And on top of that,they gave me my last check in cash. Really? For some reason I feel like they screwed me over. But I don’t care anymore cause basically thank God, Target fired me. I would have rather stayed and put up with Wal Marts crap, then be at Target. Honestly Wal Mart treats their employers way better despite all the crap that you hear about working at Wal Mart.  They actually tell you suck and they actually try to work with you on things that you need work on. They won’t just fire you or tell you that you’re doing a great job when you’re not. Well at least at the Wal Mart I worked at.

Oh and they hired a new girl and boy do I feel sorry for her. Because now there are only 2 team members on the team and one of them who has been there for 6 months spends 2 hours on one rack of clothes. SMH these people are idiots and they will never make it. I won’t be surprised if they close down the store.

Anyways, my advice to all who want to work there or if you still work there, Target expects perfection. Don’t work there if you’re thinking about it, and get out if you still do. Because Target is a dead end job.

If you made it this far, congratulations. Told you it’d be long.



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  • TargetSucks says:

    Holy shit that's a long post. I didn't even read it before approving it...if there's anything offensive, somebody let me know. 😉

  • Potsdamgraduate says:

    It was long, but poignant. Basically it pointed out the hypocrisies and contradictions that we come to know and expect from Spot. My interview was the same way: I showed up, asked to speak to whoever, and then waited in a tiny room for 30 minutes before the girl ever entered the room; then it was about 20 minutes before the next guy showed up. I too got hired at the interview and started shortly after, where the novelty of the new job quickly wore off. I met some of the most abusive and miserable people I had ever met in my entire life. They were supposed to train me and we function as a "reliable team," what a load of BS! The GS lady quite often verbally harassed me and the other younger TM because we were inexperienced and ignorant... whose fault is that? We weren't trained. She threatened me w/ violence shortly after I had begin my shift because I was behind GS counter and I wasn't supposed to be. Again, I didn't know... and the atmosphere is just this big pool of "shut up, look happy, but take your whippings!" It's staffed by some of the most cruel, abusive, yet incompetent people I have ever met. Again it's YOUR Job to train new people; don't complain when we don't know what we're doing or do our jobs poorly. I tried to be open to learning new things, but they always were so bitter and made it seem like a chore to show me how to do this or that. I suffered through ... didn't make it to 90 days though... before I quit. I applied to and got accepted to grad school for the spring semester so I wrapped it up before Black Friday, when I knew it would be even more horrible. I LOVED a lot of my TM; some of the ETL/HLTL/SLTL/whatevers; and the HR guy, but the rest can suck a back of d....! I really did try my best to keep a positive attitude and assisted whenever I could... I was the ONLY PERSON who was thrilled about taking back up cashier calls; everyone else loathed them! But I was constantly getting flack for not getting Red Cards-- I had great speeds-- and I asked, but if they said 'no," I stopped. I wasn't going to continue to harass them, like other cashiers... It's just a really negative environment that really wares you down: both physically and emotionally. There's a lot of unhappy and unhealthy people wearing the red and khaki and I couldn't do it anymore. I'm not back in school on my way to becoming a teacher, which is a better fit for me. But I absolutely agree with your post! It accurately reflects what it's like to work inside and be a TM. It's a great place to shop, I'll give you that, but a terrible place to work!


  • POedAP says:

    Being AP, sometimes I overhear and see things the ETLs would rather I not. Sometimes, they try to include me in their little games.

    Too bad I don't play along. Most of them try to use me to open false investigations in hopes that I'll find dirt. Yes, I said it. They've asked me to see if people they don't like are thieves.

    However, if I show proof that someone they like is a thief? Oh hell no, not him, it must be (insert team member they don't like) being a bad influence. No joke, have a dope slinging team member, they won't touch because he sells like 8 million RED Cards.

    Also, ETLs have quotas on how many people they have to coach/fire. No shit.

    They don't say it on paper of course, but I have overheard multiple times from different ETLs that "I need to coach one more this month or I'm getting in trouble".

    It is so abhorrent that they will "coach" people for having inappropriate conversations with guests. And by inappropriate, I mean like if the guests jokes about being tired and you agree you are too? Yeah, they'll "coach" you on it.

    So, anyone that feels like they got fired for no damn reason? Yeah, probably was no damn reason at all.


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