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December 11, 2011 - zilada5

Time To Quit!

I was hired on as a Seasonal Early Morning Flow Team Member back in October. I should have known right from the beginning when, a week after my interview (when they said they’d contact me the next day about hiring), they still hadn’t called. I called them to inquire and they invited me in that same day for a formal job offer. Yay!

Next came orientation. It was me and a few other Flow Team new hires, all seasonal (one of whom quit her first week). They told me during orientation, and during the interview, that I would work Flow Team and after 60 days, would have the opportunity to crosstrain for additional hours. When handed my training schedule, lo and behold, “Cashier” was my day 3. Not a happy camper. There’s a reason I didn’t apply as a Cashier. When I asked about it, they said it was a requirement to be trained as a Cashier. I asked why I wasn’t told about that and they said, “Surely, you were.” I think I would have remembered that.

Flow Team training seemed to be ok – my trainer was pretty cool, but the Team Lead has a way of guilting us into staying past our end time on days when we’re running behind. I caught on early and have since refused to stay late, even though he can sometimes make it uncomfortable and awkward to say no to a couple extra hours. About a week into it, I figured out that my trainer had told me quite a few things that weren’t correct about how to do the job – “Just put the dog food and chemicals on the same backstock cart.” “Yes, we have to break down even these really tough boxes.” “Go straight to HB after A and B are done every day.” (Team Leader usually wanted me somewhere else after A and B and told me not to assume anything. I said that my trainer said to and he said HE was the leader, not my trainer.)

Then, 3 weeks into my work there, my Team Leader “trained” me on stocking food and on the Flow Team job itself (Yes, THREE weeks after starting, I was “officially” trained). This training consisted of him sitting beside me at the computer and literally telling me the answers to the questions on the test before I even had a chance to read the question, and I never read the booklet. Great job, Team Leader. I feel super prepared.

They told me it was “required” for me to work an overnight shift the night before Thanksgiving so we’d be stocked for Black Friday. It took a great deal of discussing, but I was eventually able to convince them that they cannot require me to work outside my originally stated hours of availability! They weren’t happy, but thankfully decided that I was right.

Now, they are trying to crosstrain me on “Price Accuracy” during hours that I specifically said I wasn’t available to work, after starting there. True, these hours are within my original stated availability, but my life has since changed and they Denied my availability change. Because Target can tell me, and somehow specifically knows, when I am and am not actually available to work? Right.

I’ve had it. I was hoping this would be a low stress, fun place to pick up a few extra bucks this holiday season, but nothing is worth dealing with their absurdity. Most of my team members also take things waaaaay too seriously and get upset about the tiniest little things, and feel like it is their job to boss around the Seasonal employees. I’ve learned to keep to myself and just do my job without talking to anyone because it is the only surefire way to stay out of the drama between co-workers!

And, for the record, I’m quitting tomorrow. 🙂


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  • SinnIsADeadMan says:

    I hear you on that they treat you like scum just because your working there a few months.
    I just quit tonight (i have never quit a job before)
    The so called team leaders were all yuppie higj class wanna be hardons who felt like they were better than us. I couldnt ask a question without hearing some wise guy responce! I hope they all choke and fuckin die!
    Cause there isnt any use for importance doing a monkeys job.

  • hmmm. says:

    team leads are team member that forgot what it like to be a team member and because of that now they have there noses in the air because they think there better than you. believe me I have a few at my job -_-


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