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December 16, 2011 - formerteammember17

worst run company I’ve ever seen

I worked at supertarget for just over 4 years.  I’ve never seen a company so good at finding what works and then going out of their way to fuck it up. Overall the experience was a train wreck.  Employees were treated like slaves, overworked and greatly underpaid.  They preached about working as a team, yet we were coached and written up for talking with other team members even if we were both working.  They don’t want free thinking team members, they want mindless zombies that halfheartedly ask every customer “can i help you find something” before sprinting to the registers for a backup.  And don’t even think about changing your availability.  Just getting my availability changed for school took weeks of back and forth fighting with my department Etl, who repeatedly rejected the request without reason.  At one point he actually accepted the request and then deleted it, telling me a few days later that he never received it.  Even after I showed him the email saying the request was approved, he claimed it was a computer error.  As far as time off requests go…. don’t even bother.  A request that I put in over a month in advance for the week before thanksgiving (since we’re required to work black friday I wasn’t able to go out of town to visit family so I attempted to go the week before instead) was denied, his reason was “you have to work black friday”.  um….dumbass I didn’t request black friday off I requested one day for the week BEFORE.  When I asked him about it all he said was “oops, well it’s too late to change it now, sorry”.  I put in my 2 weeks and timed it so that my last day was the day before my requested day off.  I will never work for this company again and strongly advise anyone thinking of applying to turn around and run, not walk, out of that place.

I will however, say that it was not all entirely bad all the time.  We had a small number of good etl’s and team leads (although the vast majority were complete idiots).  We also had a very good team of hard working employees, and to those who suffered alongside me in this hellhole through all those miserable shifts, I thank you for making the job just a little less terrible

one last note to show just how idiotic this company can be, they called me the day AFTER my last day of work to ask if I would go in and close for them.  I had to explain to them that they have to call actual employees for that sort of thing, not people who no longer work for the company.


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