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December 24, 2011 - ferb

Liar Liar

Just thought I’d say how Target sucks.  I recently bought a tv there because I was told I would have 6 months free interest on my new Target credit card.  I was also told that the tv came with an keyboard remote.  Neither was true.


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  • Hate_Me says:

    Your first mistake was listening to some under-trained idiot about your credit's future. Employees of Target do not make commission...employees are simply pushed and pushed and pushed to sell "Red Cards", or the debit card. The management don't do a good job at explaining to us all of the fundamentals of the card, such as interest rates, payment plans, etc. They simply tell us to sell it to people. So the idiot who conned you into getting the card was probably just sick of hearing his/her bosses bitch about his conversion rate (the amount of cards he/she sells versus number of transactions), and he/she was probably just spouting out random crap to get you to sign up. Truth is, go to Best Buy, or somewhere else where their employees specialize in technology. Not only that, but research shit before you sign up. Because the Red Card has anywhere from a 21-29% interest rate. It's YOUR credit, and it was YOUR mistake not to look into it further. Also, you should have returned it once you found out you'd been duped by a zit-faced high school drop-out.


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