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December 17, 2011 - wastedyears

Don’t make a long term commitment to Target.

Most Target Stores are actively trying to get rid of all older, long term team members.  I am reporting my experience to my state EEOC.  I have for seen them systematically using any excuse to fire or force team members out — all of which have worked for target for over 15 years. I am a recent recipient of  this fate.  I ran a fully green area.  I have seen them try to trick Team members into talking about work after they have clocked out and then write them up for it.  They used the pfresh remodels to write team members up for poor scores, when they had little control of what the remodel teams were doing to their areas.  I heard from a reliable source that STLs are being told to get out all the long term team members.  With a it’s them or you kind of inference.   If this has happened to you I encourage you to contact the EEOC as well.  They will continue to get away with this if we all don’t speak-up.



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