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December 17, 2011 - fuck_target

Target is unfair

So I have been at target for a year now working in the backroom, and when I first started, everything seemed to be going fine. Within the first few months, I heard I would be getting a raise, so I thought I was doing great. When it came though, I found out my pay had raised by five cents an hour. WTF! It was like a giant slap to the face, like I’m only worth an extra five cents. Then they started leading me on to become a team lead, and started giving me tasks to do everyday other than my normal backroom duties. It went on for months, but still no sign of the promotion. They eventually said I should come up with some goals or some bullshit, then never got back to me. I found out recently someone who has been there for just a couple months is already up for promotion, which kinda pisses me off. They dump all the work on the lowly peons we are to them, and get upset and cry like little babies when we are unable to get all the work done.


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  • wastedyears says:

    I can assure you the other team member spent more time in their offices tattling on other team members and brown nosing. They love those team members. Because that is what they did to get where they are. Hard work, ethics, and intelligence will not get you anywhere.


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