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June 4, 2012 - sixEZpayments

suck my A S S !!

I really wish I could’ve worked with some of the people from this site because all of my ex-coworkers are pieces of shit, fuck, cock and ass.


Normally you’d expect assholeness from the (mis)management types but everyone at my store, #233 in Possum Ridge, Arkansas, is fuckin’ mean and worthless. HERE WE GO:


To begin, I’m 6’9″, 400 lbs. Being large is hard sometimes. Our store, located in the South, is constantly hot because they RE-FUCKIN-FUSE to turn the god damn A/C on. When I’m out there moving, stocking shit, makin’ bacon, I generate a lot of fuckin’ heat and sweat. I got in trouble one day because they said I was out of uniform. Okay, HELLO, my pants were khaki when I got there, now they’re dark brown because they’re SOAKED in my own body fluids. I tried to explain the situation but my TL told me that’s ridiculous and to stop, and I quote, “…stinkin’ up on the joint” CAN THEY EVEN SAY THAT?! I work hard for my $8.50/hr and I’m nice as shit to customers, even the quadriplegic girl that yells because she can’t move or do things like you and me.


Once they started on my sweating, naturally the complaints came in about my odor. I try, REALLY HARD, not to smell like unions and ass but that store IS SO GODDAMN HOT AND I’M A FUCKIN BIG GUY! I even bought some deodorant on my break and rubbed myself down in the back near the pallet storage. One of my co-workers saw me and took a picture when I had the deodorant bar in and around my butt (where the smell comes from folks, we’ve all been there so don’t judge) and he posted the picture on his Facebook. Why are people so fuckin’ mean?! I didn’t do anything to him. I even confronted him when our shift was over and I was fuckin’ crying and asking him to take it down but he wouldn’t do it! People can be fuckin’ MEAN for no reason. He then keyed my car in front of me and laughed as him and the hot girl from Deli drove off listening to “In the End” by Linkin Park. What kills me is this is the same guy that I helped move furniture he found on the side of the street INTO his parent’s trailer for them to use and I didn’t say a DAMN WORD to ANYONE about the horrible, infomercial-style poverty he lives in.


When I took the Facebook matter to the store manager he just laughed and said he saw the picture and that it was awesome. I go, “OMG that’s not appropriate!” He then switched over to “professional mode” and said that Target can’t handle matters outside of Target. What the fuck kind of answer is that? I went to HR to get some help but when I walked in I saw that she had set that picture of me as her background so I knew I was fucked. I just went out to my car for lunch and cried the whole time. I’m big and sensitive okay, and I’m nice and I work hard and sweat hard. Everyone there is mean and they CAN’T SCHEDULE SHIFTS AT ALL! The only friend I had was this guy named Gage but then he quit and moved to Kentucky to be with some 17 year old seductress. You guys here on this site are the only people I can relate to and I wish we could all be cool-friends and meet and hang out. I’m just so mad and upset all the time and sometimes I cry in my sleep but I feel okay to share this with you guys because you guys are real and not fake like those fucks at Target.


… but I guess, like the Linkin Park song says, in the end it doesn’t even matter….


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Don't let those fucks bring you down! You're better than them. Go find a job in a nice air conditioned office!

  • winkaka01 says:

    It does matter in the end. Target is below you. Kick rocks to that job. The best thing that ever happened to me is that I quit that job. I went into the military because I wanted out of my boring town. I wanted to see the world. I later used my college money to go to my dream college. You're never going to go any where working at Target. Either is the 2 dollar douche bags sitting on their fat asses in their office spaces. Remember, successful people don't career at Target. Your store manager and HR obviously weren't good enough to go out there and get real jobs. Walk into that office and hand those loser hacks your two weeks and start living again.

  • sixEZpayments says:

    I'm still unemployed after I left them. I want to stay in retail because I love people but Target hurt my feelings so much. The day I quit I went home and threw up constantly I was so upset.

    I may be an imposing figure at 6'9", 400 lbs. but I have feelings and self worth and they fuckin hurt my soul. Now I'm binge eating and I feel like falling apart. Target raped me, there is no other way to put it.

  • al85 says:

    I've never worked for target myself, but I've known many people who have- and I have had several years in retail management. Your story is horrible!

    The first thing I have to say is what others have- don't let it get you down. It's just a job. There will be more. If you're a nice guy just keep that in mind. Someone will see it and hire you.

    On a professional note (and for full disclosure I am NOT a lawyer) you MAY have had a sexual harassment case on your hands as the picture was taken at work, and not off company property. No, they can't have the person remove it from facebook, but the action of taking the picture (especially if your HR lady had it as her background) MIGHT be grounds for sexual harassment. Yes, men can file these things too.

  • Hate_Me says:

    You should call the Integrity Hotline for Target and report these dumb motherfuckers. Honestly, your story is almost too ridiculous to be true...and I found myself wondering if it WAS true. Then I remembered that it's Target we're dealing with here, and Target employees/management are just a bunch of worthless fucks dressed like r*****s.

    Seriously, call your integrity hotline. The number is listed on a board in your store, near where the wages poster is, along with the OSHA information. If it's not there, look for it on another board. Every Target store is required to post the number. When you call, don't remain anonymous. I called the Integrity Hotline on my piece of shit store once, and I remained anonymous...however, the information I gave them could only lead back to me, so my store retaliated against me. Target has a no-retaliation policy for when someone calls the integrity hotline, and the management gets in deep shit when they're caught retaliating against someone. So I called the Integrity Hotline back and gave them my name and TM#. When I was retaliated against after that, I called the number again to report retaliation, and my Human Resources manager was fired because of it.

    Aside from burning that place to the ground and pissing on the ashes, you definitely need to call the Integrity Hotline. Or quit. Those people are a bunch of assholes.

  • jaydog2556 says:

    To the big sensitive fella......They pick on you because their lives are worthless and un-meaningful. It takes one person to harass an innocent simply because they need to feel better about themselves.

  • ProhibitionRose says:

    Umm...discrimination comes in MANY, MANY forms, bud. If I were you, I would have told them to A.) go fuck themselves and B.) throw that big D in their face. I work at a store in Florida and OMG it is always hot as balls in there and because I have tattoos and work in Starbucks, I am forced to wear a long sleeved T-shirt underneath my black polo. FUUUUCK them.


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