Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

May 20, 2012 - theburghstore


I have worked for the spot for 2 years now. i am a backroom team member. every day i go to work never call out work hard. but yet the harder i work the less hours i get. target does not like when i stand up for my self and call them out on there bs. they just took away our shift diff for coming in at 4 am. i fight for hours with young punk kids the don’t even like me. i have been almost in two fist fights at my store but i am the one with the problem. one time i stood up for a person and got written up for it. one time i was just minding my biz when someone can up and started with me. target is a greedy. they do not care about your family or you. they think so pizza or food will solve everything. but yet i still have to go. why you ask because life sucks and i don’t quit. i want to get fired. one time the hr asked why do you care so much. i know my answer now. i take pride in any job i go to. i try to make it the best. but target makes it hard when they use the workers like mules. to make it at target you must stand up for your self call corp and tell the how u feel. your store will not like you doing that the but any time i called my write up went away. keep your mouth shut when you are at work look around make notes in your head of other peoples wrongdoings and when they try go get you in trouble throw in in there faces. you must at all time have a ace up your sleeve. so that all i have to save about the red spot. i hate target


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  • viciousdave says:

    Yeah I went to a college course especially for retail management, am I a GSTL, or team lead of any kind? No! Bullshit! Seriously, I got a college certificate and knowledge so I can be a manager, do they even give the opportunity? No. They will never ever listen to me and do something. Maybe it's because I'm a short man, but this is not right. They never even recognize us for how much effort we put into our work. I know exactly how you feel, you do all the work, but they never acknowledge that, not even a great job, thank you so much for the extra effort, yet we give over 100% and do more than anyone. I've had enough, 4 years and nothing has gone fair and even breaking the law Target is. This goes beyond the law and courts now, this is personal, I'm starting a personal war and protest on Target now.


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