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May 12, 2012 - itswack

target is also very clique-y

I’m sure it’s not just my Target that’s clique-y. I’m new but honestly I don’t like it. I’m in Food ave so I work with only 4-5 others and that’s it. I don’t interact with other people. It’s whatever. I don’t know if any of the cashiers even like me ha. I smile but they don’t smile back. Whatever. I just do my job and want to go. Food ave is too hard and too time consuming for me to worry about basic bitches that are cashiers. I honestly think food ave is like an island in Target, isolated from everything. Oh well.


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  • har1989 says:

    You're right, it is not just your Target. Mine is the same way. I am a cashier but even between cashiers nobody is really very friendly. When I first started nobody even talked to me and after months they hardly do. All of the other jobs I've worked, I've made friends right away but not Target.


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