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June 4, 2012 - BRTHate

When everything isnt enough

I’ve been working with Target for almost 2 years now and have been working in retail for 12 years. My last two jobs i was promoted to an assistant manager within 6 months. ( Quiznos Sub where i had customers personally ask for me because of the way i made subs and a local Animal Rescue were i helped train, rehab, adopt and bottle fed cats and dogs)  I have worked my butt off for the first year in a half because i always put effort into my jobs and this was just another job.  There was days that were stressful and i always called my TL to have an ear full to make me feel better, and she was great about it, but she is the only one that listens. No other TL, ETL, LOD, HR or the STL give a damn. They told me that I come off as unapproachable, untrustworthy, I lack leadership skills, and I don’t know what the word “responsibility” means.  I was recently pulled into the office for writing a great team card that wasn’t “brand worthy” because the word Anti- was used. I finally had enough and practically called my STL a communist. You can’t say anything bad about Target while you’re working or you’ll get pulled aside from multiple “Higher ups” to have a talking to. On top of all this, I’ve been having troubles with my back. Before i started this job i had a standard pillow and mattress. Now i have a medical bed, pillow, body pillow and i have to wear a brace when i do any form of physical activity.  Yet, Target still believes that i can pick up a 4 man pool even after multiple calls for help. I’ve had to call off because of falling asleep on the couch for a couple of hours or if i ever sleep over at a friends/ parents place. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor now and he believes my back is getting worse. I can’t quit because i plan on having a kid and i want to use the maternity leave before quitting and they deny me to move to a different position because of the mentioned problems. Don’t get me started on hours either. Some days i open, some days i close, I fluctuate between 10 and 20 hours when I want 30-40. And when i change my availability to accommodate the 10-20 hours they give me.. they deny that too. I’m too a point that i just don’t care. I dont care if im late, do any work, help a guest.. nothing. I plan on calling Corp soon and get my ass chewed out for calling them… but i record all of my “coaching” and they know it 🙂


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  • sixEZpayments says:

    They have no clue how to schedule. One time I fell over some redhead kid and I bashed my head apart on some Dora the Explorer toy the kid had. Well naturally, I'm all fucked up now and I tried to see if I could go home but they wouldn't let me because THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANYONE ELSE SCHEDULED! What about phone calls, we all have iPhones right?

    Nope, the dude wouldn't call anyone else in because they told him not to. No, no no no no, that does NOT work in retail my friend. I knew he was bullshitting me because he hated my official White Oleander movie t-shirt that he saw me wearing when we bumped into each other at the Popcorn Store.

  • Hate_Me says:

    Nice working calling your STL a Communist hahaha Fuck them, just strive for mediocrity. You won't be promoted at Target, I hate to tell you. Since they've already got you under the microscope, you don't fit "the Target mold" of what they're looking for in leadership. They want people who kiss ass, suck up, and do whatever the fuck they're told without any questions asked. So don't count on getting promoted. Instead, do your job at a mediocre pace; they can't fire you for that. Don't be lifting Team Lifts by yourself. In "Target world", that's grounds for immediate termination. Instead, just stand by those Team Lift objects and wait and wait and wait for someone to help. At least then, you're getting paid to stand there, not doing a damn thing. haha Fuck Target.


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