Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

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  • February 7, 2015 - targetisbs


    Oh target where do I even start with this awful hatrid. It is now to the point where I dread work and my 50 cent raise above minimum wage doesn’t do jack squat anymore. It all starts when I walk into the office before my shift to get a locker. I open one and it’s full of tuperware, I open another and it has a lunch box. Really?? Is it THAT hard you can’t possibly dig out a quarter and lock your fucking locker? There is a goddammed fridge for a reason also. I then hang up my jacket, which there really is no point because by the end of my shift its always on the floor anyways knocked off by employees who leave it there. I then attempt to punch in and let it beep at me for five hours and then walk onto the floor as cashier. I check to see what lane I’m on and set up my register with the 2 ten dollar bills they give you which run out after one “guest”. I hang my flimsy ass bags that never fail to stick together and end up all over the floor. Before I even have a chance to turn on my lane light I already have a line of people waiting to be checked out screaming “Are you open???” understaffed again I see. I mumble yes, and they start to unload their cart with mulitple of the same item that they will try and use their fake fraudulent $20 dollar off coupons for razors that don’t even match their item.

  • November 26, 2014 - Zkg123

    Do not work here

    So I worked for target in a hardlines position for a good 3 months only to be fired two days before my ninety days was up. While California is an at will employment state they don’t need a reason. They need even less while in your ninety days. From day one my boss had a vendetta against me. She consistently gave me three departments to cover usually toys hba and sporting goods. Toward the end of my shift she would bring everyone over to point of things I did wrong and have everyone fix my horrible zone. When she fired me i asked for a reason why and she gave me the arbitrary reason of “I just feel like this job isn’t a good fit for you.” later do I find out that my executive team lead didn’t even know she wanted to fire me and that HR said if she wanted me gone she would have to be the one to do it.

  • October 9, 2014 - Lara Schmidt

    Done with red and khaki

    There are better things to complain about if you work for Target, but I just thought I’d mention that I will continue to wear red, and also khaki, but NEVER again will I pair them.  Also, Target taints the color red, and I will never be able to look at it again without thinking of the hellish time I spent there.  Now that I’ve quit, I am going to build a bonfire so that I can burn my uniforms in effigy.

  • - Lara Schmidt

    Finally free of Target!

    After six of the worst months of my life, I am finally free of Target.  Yesterday was my last day.

    I lost my job a year ago, and I took one at Target at my husband’s insistence because we were in a bad place financially.  Although I was grateful for the extra money, the truth was,  I never wanted to work there because I instinctively knew it would be awful.  Where to begin with the awfulness?  I’ll try to be concise.

  • - kdthor

    Target Troubles

    So I’ve been working at Target for almost 2 years now and it has been the most miserable place to work at. I work in electronics but hardly get to stay in my department. Rather than going through the list of issues and problems I’ve dealt with, I will spare you the details because it would be quite lengthy. However, I wanted to post here and see if anyone has any ideas about some survey I had to take. So I’ll start here..

  • September 20, 2014 - TargetGuestsSuck

    Fuck Your Can Opener

    So the other day, as my coworker and I were shooting outs in cosmetics, after being there nearly the entire shift, we had a LOVELY guest. As you all know, I hate guests. However, I extra hate extra bitchy guests who think they are right. Don’t tell me the guest is always right, because trust me, this bitch was fifty shades of fucked up.

    Guestzilla – Where are your electric can openers?

  • September 11, 2014 - HacksawJoe

    Pain is Better

    I worked at Target for 6 1/2 years. I finally got a new job and left Target. On the third day at my new job I was in a traffic accident and sent to the hospital. I have to say, even getting hit by a car is better than working for Target.

  • I’m trained in food ave..but was asked to switch over to soft lines a while back due to so many people quitting…awesome. But i was thrilled to get out of food ave, so I took the chance!

    So they taught me how to be operator/fitting room…worst decision EVER.

  • August 11, 2014 - Taylor_167

    They auto denied my time off request

    Fucking Target does it again! I needed to take a few days off to help my grandpa out after he has surgery. I request the time off appropriately and ahead of time thinking that maybe they’ll accept it. NOPE. They just went ahead and auto denied it! AUTO DENIED IT!

  • August 4, 2014 - mack97

    But I just started…

    I mean not all of them are mean, a lot are actually very friendly. Im a 17 year old girl and this is my first job ever.The other girls that work with me are pretty nice..but some of the guys are rude and act like they are way smarter than I am. I just started but I am done with my training’s, and one of the guys who doesn’t even train people came over and watched me check a guest out, it was disturbing and overwhelming. Then I had trouble getting a security lock off and i asked him to help, and he opened it right in front of a guest and made fun of me and i just wanted to hide after that.