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August 16, 2014 - Taylor_167

Does exactly the opposite of what I ask them…shocker.

I’m trained in food ave..but was asked to switch over to soft lines a while back due to so many people quitting…awesome. But i was thrilled to get out of food ave, so I took the chance!

So they taught me how to be operator/fitting room…worst decision EVER. it is SO boring back there and the guests are freaking stupid and get all pissy cause they can’t have more than 6 items in the fitting room. Also, sitting in a chair all day is super boring, and we get the most ridiculously stupid calls about items in our store..ugh. ha.

Anyways, a while ago, I asked them to not give me fitting room shifts and that I prefer to be out on the sales floor. They said my hours may be cut a little bit, but I was fine with that, since I absolutely despise operator.

So instead of not giving me any fitting room shifts, they’ve been giving me nothing but fitting room! Pretty much the exact opposite of what I said! Like seriously…

Idk what else to do about this, I really need the money, but sitting in that stupid chair is really making me go crazy. I don’t even know what to do…Should I talk to them again about this or should I just try to deal with the operator shifts?

Also, how can I make those fucking shifts go by a bit faster?



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  • TargetSucks says:

    The only way to make the shifts go by faster? Rub one out.

  • bandwagonfan says:

    Work Flow team like I do; you work and work and work and work and work, and there is no thinking about the time. I actually like flow because time goes by so quickly. Being a cashier or FR person? Hell no.

  • takemethere says:

    Start working out some Z racks of softlines clothing; sort all softlines strays by department. You get the picture.

  • Flyers000 says:

    Yes with flow time goes by so fast. Sometimes you even feel there's not enough time (to get your work done) . Sorting the zbar will use up some time. But then you'll just get mad the next time you come in when all your sorting was wasted because someone else messed it all up.

  • TGTDude says:

    Be thankful that you have that chair! My store makes the operator stand.

  • littleavery1948 says:

    @ Take me there: I love doing Z-racks; this is what I did at my last job. I became VERY fast at it. When I work flow team, time gets away from me VERY quickly; the same goes when I am pushing pulls. What really pisses me off is when other TM's leave their trash laying around for someone else to clean up. I also hate it when the dayside/closing teams flex the crap out of stuff; they don't even zone the area, leaving a mess for the flow team to try and sort through, wasting time. The TL's get on us for not pushing enough (I understand; the backroom has a difficult job), but the other TM's need to do what they are supposed to do;. Often, I see dayside TM's standing around doing nothing, then they blame all of the crap on flow team.

  • Flyers000 says:

    Haha I'm used to day side blaming overnight for everything. They will hide their re shop carts with the pulls and think we won't know. Oh please. We leave their carts aside and when they come in the next morning they deny it was re shop and say we didn't push all our pulls. Luckily we don't really have any issues with other people leaving trash around though.


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