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October 9, 2014 - kdthor

Target Troubles

So I’ve been working at Target for almost 2 years now and it has been the most miserable place to work at. I work in electronics but hardly get to stay in my department. Rather than going through the list of issues and problems I’ve dealt with, I will spare you the details because it would be quite lengthy. However, I wanted to post here and see if anyone has any ideas about some survey I had to take. So I’ll start here..

After months of putting up with their crap, I finally sent an email to the team member integrity email address. A few days after, I was “coincidentally” approached by the HR manager. She asked me how things were going, which I was skeptical to even answer because it felt like she somehow knew that I complained to the integrity line. So I confided in her and talked with her about the many on going problems that I have been experiencing. She said she would fix things. Now, a few weeks after I sent the email and talked with HR, I was approached to take a survey. The HR manager told me that 5 team members were randomly selected to take this survey to help with the interview and hiring process for next year. So I took the survey and it had absolutely nothing to do with hiring or interviewing. The entire survey felt like an IQ and personality quiz. I also asked many other team members and haven’t found anyone else that had to take this survey. Fast forward a few weeks and my name is no longer on the schedule for the two week out schedule. Everything seems pretty sketchy and when I asked my TL he didn’t have any answer as to why I’m not on the schedule. He said he was ask HR, but he’s the one that makes our schedule so he should know. Has anyone ever heard anything similar to this happen at their store? I feel like they and stressed trying to terminate me for complaining to the integrity line.


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  • Silverfox says:

    looks like they are trying to get rid of you for complaining. send another email to the hotline using another email address and different ip. 😉

  • kdthor says:

    Well, if they are trying to get rid of my I suppose I'll find out tomorrow 😛
    But I just got a new job as of yesterday so no more red and khaki for me :')
    Putting my two weeks in tomorrow and then I'm done! I'll miss that employee discount though... 🙁

  • rage says:

    Oh no, you had a valid complaint and hurt some ETL's precious little ego, you monster 😛 Sound like the usual bullshit where the leadership treats people like garbage, expecting sunshine and smiles from everyone, but gets mad when someone actually speaks out against it. At this point I wouldn't consider not being on the schedule anymore a bad thing. Good luck at your new job.

  • TargetMinion says:

    Next time fill out the comment card. It's pre-paid so you can write it at home and mail it yourself.
    I had 3 TMs at my store take that weird quiz too.
    As for your schedule they're required to schedule you a minimum of one shift (4 hours long). I would call the Integrity Hotline because it looks like they're not following Best Practise and about to term you.


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