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August 4, 2014 - Taylor_167

Not accepting availability requests

So a few of my co-workers needed to change their availability for school and now they are declining availability changes???

Also, they are declining time off also?

Why the hell are they doing this?

If they’re not going to change availability, everyone is gonna quit!!

Is your store doing this too?


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  • edge says:

    From what I've experience with the system, you have to make the changes and request in advanced, before they make the new schedule. You also have to go and bug the shit out of the LODs to get them to make sure your requests get pushed through. Otherwise, they will be declined by the system due to the LODs and HR not doing their jobs...surprise.

  • SexyNugger says:

    I put mine in once (for school) and it got denied and I asked why and my HR team member told me cause i have to go to my team lead first.... He just got back from an LOA and now hes jumping from vacation to vacation, so I don't know how im supposed to ask him and then when I asked my ETL she told me I needed to calm the fuck down and if I change my scheduled to that she can promise me i wont get any hours. My issue is ive only worked past that time for the last 3 months but now that mytime (btw fuck mytime) is a thing im getting 8 am shifts i wont come in for either because school or im just not alive that early in the morning. Anyway I put in my 2 weeks two days ago because of this. School more important anyway.

  • knoir says:

    I work for flow team and they are denying all and any changes of availability for all of our team members. They told us if we can't work all of the hours they need us then get a new job.

  • Taz2532 says:

    yea they are fucking idiots I got denied for school too...they probably want us to be as uneducated as them


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