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August 11, 2014 - Taylor_167

They auto denied my time off request

Fucking Target does it again! I needed to take a few days off to help my grandpa out after he has surgery. I request the time off appropriately and ahead of time thinking that maybe they’ll accept it. NOPE. They just went ahead and auto denied it! AUTO DENIED IT! What the hell does that even mean?! I didn’t even request the weekend off, I did Monday-Thursday, it it were the weekend I requested off, I “guess” I would understand, but seriously?! Freaking Monday? Our store is seriously dead on Mondays…and pretty much dead until the weekend.

Glad they don’t give a shit about people having lives outside of Target. Fuck this.


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  • famouswriter17 says:

    The auto denied means the LOD didn't get to the request in time - not that you sent it in too late, it's just they didn't bother looking at their email. It means they were too damn lazy to say "approve" or "not approve" so, after it is too late to say either one, it gets auto denied. I heard that when the request is about to be "auto denied" the request automatically goes to the HR ETL and they are supposed to accept it no matter what since the LOD obviously didn't do their job. I think since my time has kicked though, they don't receive these emails.

    This use to happen to me all the time, so I started telling the LOD or my TL the same day I put it in that I need that time off. Most of the time, it still does nothing, and they still forget. Now, I fight them until they do something about it. It's their damn fault anyway.

    • TargetGrunt says:

      Yeah, they actually have to log in to myTime now otherwise they won't even know that the requests are being put into the system. I don't know what idiot designed myTime, but whoever it was needs to be taken out back and shot for designing such a stupid time-keeping system.

  • takemethere says:

    my time is a waste of time and a purely delusional failed attempt at replacing MAX. It is NOT WORKING AND IT HAS TOOO MANY SCHEDULE ISSUES AND CONFLICTS

  • ErikaA says:

    Same issue. They auto-denied my weekday time off request. I was so over working there at that point that I refused to work it anyway. I HAD to have those days off and put it in early, to no avail.


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