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September 20, 2014 - TargetGuestsSuck

Fuck Your Can Opener

So the other day, as my coworker and I were shooting outs in cosmetics, after being there nearly the entire shift, we had a LOVELY guest. As you all know, I hate guests. However, I extra hate extra bitchy guests who think they are right. Don’t tell me the guest is always right, because trust me, this bitch was fifty shades of fucked up.

Guestzilla – Where are your electric can openers?

Us – Oh I’m sorry maam, we actually don’t carry any in our store, but we do sell them on Target.c….

Guestzilla – Oh really? REALLY?! Because two weeks ago I came in and you had them on clearance for $16,99 and they were in C44. Nag Nag nag ang nag I’m a bitch nag.

Us – ……. let me search it for you so you don’t need to walk around the store and we can see if we have any in stock.

*Elevator music for thirty seconds*

Guestzilla – where are they?@Q?@/kqjljet

Us – Ma’am, I’m sorry but we don’t have them in our store. We could look up….

Guestzilla – This is ridiculous you had them and I know you do I have never experienced such bullshit in my life. Mom… MOM !!!! Get your scooter over here THESE people are going to find this NOW because I’m not dealing with this. Walmart employees would NOT treat us like this.

Us – If there are any at all, they will be in C14.


*guest walks away*


Anyone else have wonderful demon guest stories to brighten my day?

By the way, we do NOT carry can openers in our store. Don’t ask why….no idea.


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  • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

    In my five years at Target, this was a daily thing. My Target was in a part of town that was 1/3 old people, 1/3 redneck, and 1/3 wannabe thugs. The old people would always bitch about something stupid and would bitch about prices all the time. The rednecks would complain about our coupon limit up until "Be Bold" was introduced and virtually got rid of our coupon policy. Then the thugs would complain why they couldn't pay for a pillow and shirts with their food stamps. About as much fun as shooting yourself in the head. I do not miss that place one bit.

    • TargetGuestsSuck says:

      I just really don't get it. Like, you ask for my help then try to act like you know more than me? Then go fuck yourself! You're wrong anyway!

  • Silverfox says:

    I feel you. Really annoyed at the people who don't look at the store directory and ask where is this? I don't know but I'll look at the store directory for you. *walks up to a paper store inventory located right in plain view in front of said customer. SEE? You could have done that yourself. And there's a map of the store at the front. Have a nice day! **NOT!**

  • coolatina101 says:

    I had a guest yell at me for supposably refusing to sell her a cup of soda (I worked the food ave area).

  • coolatina101 says:

    I once had a guest for supposably refusing to sell her w cup of soda (I worked in food ave). Apparently, this guest was too stupid to read the big ass sign stating the fucking soda machine was out of order. This guest goes on a rampage about how that is outrageous. She even got mad when I refused to give her her an Arizona Green Tea for free. She earned the nickname guestzilla. Anyway, after guestzilla leaves, a nice guest and her son (about 5 years old) start placing their order when guestzilla bitch comes back and instead of waiting like a normal person, she thinks she's above it all and she interrupts the nice guest and her son. Not only that, but pushed them out our the way. I also had bitchy guests call me lazy and ride when I had to work food ave and Starbucks all by myself 8 person job on a 1 person). Awesome. I do not miss those fucking entitled, ignorant, snobby ass fucking guests. Good fucking riddance!!!!

  • coolatina101 says:

    First first yelled at be for supposably refusing to sell her soda

  • cashier says:

    Someone who works in softlines told us that when the store was just opening, some weirdo kept asking her if we sold anal beads. After kicking him out he tried to come back in later asking the same thing. Had I been there I would have just told him to check Walmart...

  • Target_HR212 says:

    As I worked in Human Resources I got a call from a guest - wanting to report a HR team member from a DIFFERENT target. So I told her the best I could do was give her corporates number. While I do that the LOD is calling me on the walkie and I answer obviously. So the lady starts yelling saying I'm just like the other operator - useless. & no matter how hard I tried calming her down and hanging up she kept calling & when she did she called me a bitch, Nazi, red neck (I'm Hispanic), & she said she was going to come down there and kill me. Which is when I text my HR ETL and he called the cops, this was my day today.

  • TargetGuestsSuck says:

    I feel like everyone who dislikes this is definitely one of these guests. Lol gtfo we don't work for you

  • SusieH says:

    i was yelled at because the product did not have a barcode nor did it have a target product number to impliment and then the manager didnt come in "three minutes" and i was a bad person. Fuck this job.

  • spirals73 says:

    So she expected a clearance item to still be there? What were you supposed to do, pull it outta your butt? Haven't these people heard of Amazon?


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