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August 4, 2014 - mack97

But I just started…

I mean not all of them are mean, a lot are actually very friendly. Im a 17 year old girl and this is my first job ever.The other girls that work with me are pretty nice..but some of the guys are rude and act like they are way smarter than I am. I just started but I am done with my training’s, and one of the guys who doesn’t even train people came over and watched me check a guest out, it was disturbing and overwhelming. Then I had trouble getting a security lock off and i asked him to help, and he opened it right in front of a guest and made fun of me and i just wanted to hide after that. But my major problem is I dont even know how to sell a red card! I know how to ask people if they want one..but they didnt show me what to hit on the register or even where they keep the red cards…and if they are supposed to keep them on my counter then they dont. I all ready feel some type of way about this place but I just started, this is my first job, and I dont want to get fired so i can have a bad reputation at my next job…or even get a next job at all, so if anyone could just help me because no one at work will that would be great..

Because im getting lectured about not selling any, but anytime i ask them for help. well they just don’t.


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  • Silverfox says:

    your're selling credit cards and debit cards. those are red cards. you fill out info on the register when people get one.

  • edge says:

    Yeah you'll soon get used to not being able to "sell" or get people to apply to the red card. It's very tricky these days. Anyway, you don't give them a card right away since they need to apply because it is a debit or credit card.
    When they actually do want to sign up, there are grey brochures/booklets kept in your cashier drawer. There is a barcode on one side. You scan it before you total the sale, then select whether they want a debit or credit. Remind them that for the credit, they need their social security number handy and an ID. For the debit, they need social security number, ID, and a blank/ voided check.
    They will then be prompted to answer various questions on the card swiper. After a while, you will need to take their ID. Make sure their address is up to date. If not, ask them for the new address and press the key that says input address.
    Just remember to carefully read and follow the instructions on your register screen throughout the process.
    Hope this helped a little

  • edge says:

    Oh and for the security locks on products... There are generally 4 kinds. Big "spider" that goes on big boxes, small "spiders" that go on small boxes, security boxes on games and movies, and little ones for some bottles of booze that sit on the neck or near the top of the bottle.
    The trick to those is for the spiders and booze, line up the "nipples" (teehee :p) of the unlocker to the holes on the spider and booze. The next tip is all about the magnet. These locks are moved by a magnet inside the unlocker. For spiders, make sure you're lining up the nipples to the holes and your unlocker should not be hanging off the side. The magnet should hit near the middle. Same idea for the others. For movies and games, put the magnet part not over the finger slider, but to the metallic part on the other side.
    You'll learn them easily if you play with them during some down time while it's slow

  • tartar sauce says:

    Best tip put in your two weeks notice and leave target of your resume. Most companies will be more then happy to hire a new girl or blank sheet. Try starbucks or local business especially those with a good reputation in you community. The coporate ladder at target is not worth climbing


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