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  • December 22, 2018 - winkaka01

    Warning to the Target all stars

    I worked the truck line. I am a girl who can handle the weight of most of the inventory. But I can’t toss multiple items of extreme weight on my back, and pile them perfectly onto the pallets at high speed. One of my co-workers was a Target All Star. One of those arrogantly proud employees who went up and above, truly believing that corporate will one day see him, and eventually give ten fucks about his efforts. I was put on the pallet section of the line that furniture, cat liter, seasonal, and chemicals get placed on. These items start at fifty pounds, and go up from there. My all-star coworker worked paper, make up, medicine, and kitchen. As a petite woman, I had to damn near throw myself over the top of a good amount of the heavy items, and tug them off using my entire body weight. After ten minutes straight of doing this, I was absolutely exhausted.

  • February 12, 2017 - winkaka01

    Severe Inequality

    I was in the break room eating my lunch with the logistics team, when my ETL brought in a visitor to talk to us. He was a man representing Untied Way. If you can’t pay your rent, or make enough to eat, this organization will help you do so. Not a single person in the room makes enough to put food on the table. He informed us that if we needed help, please come visit their head quarters in town. United Way is aware that most of us are going hungry. The worst part, Target knows, and has authorized United Way to come into their stores to compensate for the low wages and poor hours.

  • April 8, 2015 - winkaka01

    What Not To Do

    I wrote a post not too long ago about how I was treated at target. I was a flow team member expected to do the job of twelve people, as quickly as possible. I was coached at least three times a week for being “too slow”, and unwilling to run around the isles with hundred pound boxes of furniture on my back. I unloaded the truck, dragged the palates out the the floor, stocked the shelves, put up signs, built full productions, zoned, cleaned, cashiered, and back stocked. All for the same shitty pay. I was never thanked. In fact, doing all of these things at one time was not enough.

  • February 14, 2015 - winkaka01

    Unrealistic Expectations and Misery

    When I was first hired on as flow team, the job was very chill. Over the course of a year, Target has changed everything. Corporate makes it very clear that they want our team in and out of the building as quickly as possible. That way they don’t have to pay us, or give us benefits. I am expected to not only unload a truck, and have all merchandise completely pushed in four hours….but to do twelve other things at the same time so they do not have to hire more people. In the last couple of months, corporate has decided that four hours is way too long for us to be working. Now they want us to unload, and finish the entire store in two hours or less. I am constantly brought into the office, and coached at least three times a week for being “too slow.” I am expected to push all of domestics and plastics in less than a hour by myself. When I explain to my manager that a girl can not run around sprinting through the isles with a hundred pound piece of furniture tossed on my back, I am scoffed at like I am worthless.

  • November 24, 2013 - winkaka01

    Fired because I was “Bored”.

    in 2007 I got hired in Las Vegas to work at a new Target up the street from me. My job was known as “zoning.” I pull the merchandise forward on the racks, and create the illusion that they are stuffed full with merchandise. My hours were every single fucking day – 2pm to typically 1 in the morning.

    Yes. Extremely easy. But dancing monkey jobs are not fulfilling. My start pay was $6.50. Even with full time hours, I barely made two hundred dollars every pay check. My ninety day raise was five cents.

    I had no life. I missed on out numerous amazing family experiences and events. Could not afford to move out on my own, or buy a new car. I worked has hard as I could, and there was no pay off at the end of the day. I firmly believe that if you’re going to devote your entire existence to an occupation, there should be something in it for you.

  • July 7, 2011 - winkaka01

    Being Fired From Target A Benefit

    Unfortunately I worked for Target for almost a year. It felt like a spirit crushing void the entire time I was there. I started out making six bucks an hour, and left making 6.05 an hour. If you pass your ninety days, you get a five cent raise. My store manager was an over weight blob that was so lazy, she hired another Manager to cover the floor so she never had to leave her office. My job was “Zoning”. You pull merchandize from the back of the shelf to the front, so it gives the illusion that the store is always fully stocked. Within a week I completely mastered the job. My pay checks every two weeks were a little over two hundred bucks, or a little under that. I had absolutely no future working there for that pay. My friend had been working there for five years and made only $8.50 an hour. He was never considered for a Team Lead position. I was not enthusiastic. I was no excited about being there. I looked at my watch every second I was there.