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April 8, 2015 - winkaka01

What Not To Do

I wrote a post not too long ago about how I was treated at target. I was a flow team member expected to do the job of twelve people, as quickly as possible. I was coached at least three times a week for being “too slow”, and unwilling to run around the isles with hundred pound boxes of furniture on my back. I unloaded the truck, dragged the palates out the the floor, stocked the shelves, put up signs, built full productions, zoned, cleaned, cashiered, and back stocked. All for the same shitty pay. I was never thanked. In fact, doing all of these things at one time was not enough.

My last month was the worst. Corporate demanded that out store be “green.” What this means is that customers fill out a survey. If they don’t chose 10 as their choice, our customer service is not considered “amazing.” We have to score an 80 to 85 percent to be considered a green store. So Corporate decided to raise the bar to 95 percent. Okay so we get green. Do we get anything for it? No. If we don’t get green, it means that we are not harassing a customer enough to get them to buy things. We do in fact get something for not getting green. It’s called fired.

Target pressured me to quit. They dished every play in the book to get my useless ass to work harder than I already was. Negative reinforcement. Threats. Adding a bigger work load on my plate. Cutting hours. Talking down to me. Setting me up for failure in impossible situations. The final straw was staging me for a no call no show. All the LODs were in on it. I was able to prove that I called in. I told them that I would drive to my phone provider print out a record for me. That is when my boss was like: “Oh yeah? Well you have only 15 minutes to do that.” Knowing full well that a nearest phone store was 45 minutes away.

I was finishing stocking up my area, when my boss approached me. He saw my back stock, and proceeded to find spots for the pieces regardless of them being fully filled. He wanted to humiliate me by forcing product on a shelf right in front of my face as a way to show that I was clearly being lazy. He went through all my isles, intentionally checked shelves, and informed me that vast majority of all the items where in the wrong place. “That is why you have back stock. You’re not trying.” He snapped. I said: “Well you want me to do this entire palate of stock, and all my autofills in 30 minutes. I don’t have time.” That is when the store manager, and two LODs took it upon themselves to come into my isles and zone it for me. The store manager made sure I knew how worthless I was when he did it. Only the most laziness of employees would cause a person of his rank to have to do my job.

That is when I handed in my badge. I was going to be fired that day any way. This act of humiliation was just so I would quit, and not get employment benefits when they showed me to the door. I worked for this place for over a year. I went hungry. I was not able to fix a lot of my financial problems the entire time. I got wounded a few times. I repaired them myself, and fixed my own teeth because going to the doctor would put me in a cardboard box. My unemployment benefits would have been just 95 dollars. Apparently Target saw this and was like: “95 dollars? Oh god no. That is way too much money. I use that to wipe my billion dollar ass with. Let’s bullshit, and tell the state that she left for “personal reasons.” Fuck that employee and her 95 dollars.”

One of the things that will always stay in my mind for the rest of my life was some words given during a huddle by our leaders. These are people who run the company. My store manager said that his dream was to work in forensic science. He made it pretty clear to us that he did not  try to follow his dream. He gave up, and settled for Target. My supervisor told us…”We need to work harder. If we don’t make sales, we will have to walk across the street and work at Wal-mart.” These are people who completely have given up. They personally don’t believe they are better than Target. I use this to enhance myself. When things get tough, I push myself. I don’t want to ever wind up being these managers. This is the only thing that this company has given me.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Why in hell would you even want to stay in a place like that?! After you've been at your next job for 5 minutes, I'm sure you'll feel amazing compared to working at target. Even if your next job is toweling Satan's ball sweat.

  • Silverfox says:

    working at Wal-Mart is probably a lot better than being at tarshit right now. at least you won't find yourself scrambling to find a kob because management is too stupid to run things properly and is running away from canada with it's tail tucked between it's legs.

  • Silverfox says:

    better yet walmart doesn't care what form of payment you use with the employee discount. 🙂 says something about walmart's generosity and target eh? tarshit the so called better wual

    • Silverfox says:

      oops posted before i finished typing. as i was saying tarshit's so called better quality than walmart won't take amex yet walmart does. imagine that. you're better off working at Wal-Mart than tarshit lately.

  • viciousdave says:

    I've taken a lot also and I may quit soon also. But if I worked in flow of back and floor and they treated me that way I would for sure tell them all about my physical problems related to cancer and injuries I've had. If I was normal with no injuries I would get up right to there face and say there's no possible way I can do more than what I have already done. You should be thanking me for all that I have done, I should have a good vibe for today on all the work I did but all you say is oh my god I'm so slow. And than I'd say also that you want me to do more and more and more, no one is that extremely physical, that's impossible, if you don't understand that and no leader does than you're all seriously lunatics, hire more people. Than they would sit me down and be like oh you did bad talking to me like that, you have to sign pink paper of 60 day warning of never being bad to leaders again or your fired. HUH HUH? Hello, that damn leader shouted and bitched at me why doesn't he have to sign a pink paper? He's a manager, he has to yell to get things done. NO THE FUCK HE DOESN'T! Fuck Target, they are the worst company on the earth, even worse than fast food jobs like mcd taco bell wendys kfc and more.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    Target sucks! They push their employees to do more because they don't want to pay for another person. They have no idea how to manage people. Their only concern is making money. Target is the death of local economy, a living wage, product selection. Target is bad for people and bad for the country.


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