Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

November 24, 2013 - winkaka01

Fired because I was “Bored”.

in 2007 I got hired in Las Vegas to work at a new Target up the street from me. My job was known as “zoning.” I pull the merchandise forward on the racks, and create the illusion that they are stuffed full with merchandise. My hours were every single fucking day – 2pm to typically 1 in the morning.

Yes. Extremely easy. But dancing monkey jobs are not fulfilling. My start pay was $6.50. Even with full time hours, I barely made two hundred dollars every pay check. My ninety day raise was five cents.

I had no life. I missed on out numerous amazing family experiences and events. Could not afford to move out on my own, or buy a new car. I worked has hard as I could, and there was no pay off at the end of the day. I firmly believe that if you’re going to devote your entire existence to an occupation, there should be something in it for you.

My best friend worked there for five years. He never called in sick. Never took a day off. He was repeatedly turned down for a team lead position. Once I realized that he was not valued, and was not going to be valued…I decided that I didn’t want to waste another year living life as a hamster in wheel to no where.

I came in late. I didn’t feel like showing up bright and early to pull boxes to the front of a shelf. When family planned an outing, I called in. Believe me, my call ins didn’t last long. Target has zero tolerance for you doing anything else with your life, besides just Target, so they acted quickly to regulate. If this corporation had it their way….they would build dorms in the back loading dock, and force you to live in them to maximize their sales. Charging you for the food you eat, and the bath room water you use.

This one night, one of my Managers over heard my friend and I talking about going out this one night. She chimed in warning us not to call in. I got filthy drunk, and called in.

I was summoned by the store Manager, Kathy. This big round rollie-pollie who never left her office. She informed me that I was terminated due to my call-ins. Oh no! How am I ever going to live with out my slave wages??? Oh wait, I wasn’t in the first place. She ended the conversation with: “Well, you were bored any way.” She was watching the cameras in order to find a way to fire me. I gave her one. It’s called, calling the fuck in. You needed more?

Get this. Not even a week later, beached whale quits target, and lands herself a job at MGM Grand Hotel. I didn’t know this. I had an interview there for a lame stocking job. Guess who was the person that interviewed me? Kathy. I took one look at her, and she smiles diabolically at me. I realized right then and there that I needed more out of my life. I was making the choice to resign myself to shitty, go no where jobs. I looked at her and said: “We both know I’m not going to get this job. Have a nice day.”

I joined the military the next day. i’m writing this from Japan. A place I would have never seen in my life had I given in and accepted a place like Target as my fate.


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