Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

February 14, 2015 - winkaka01

Unrealistic Expectations and Misery

When I was first hired on as flow team, the job was very chill. Over the course of a year, Target has changed everything. Corporate makes it very clear that they want our team in and out of the building as quickly as possible. That way they don’t have to pay us, or give us benefits. I am expected to not only unload a truck, and have all merchandise completely pushed in four hours….but to do twelve other things at the same time so they do not have to hire more people. In the last couple of months, corporate has decided that four hours is way too long for us to be working. Now they want us to unload, and finish the entire store in two hours or less. I am constantly brought into the office, and coached at least three times a week for being “too slow.” I am expected to push all of domestics and plastics in less than a hour by myself. When I explain to my manager that a girl can not run around sprinting through the isles with a hundred pound piece of furniture tossed on my back, I am scoffed at like I am worthless.

Food truck days are awesome! They typically schedule just two other employees and myself to unload this entire truck. Mind you, right after I do signage. Yes. I have to put up fresh new signs in every single department before I work on the truck. Then if the truck doesn’t come in early, I do all the auto-fills as well.

All this work would be fine if I got paid well. The pay is probably the lousiest I’ve ever had. I go hungry. I can’t afford to fix my car. I have glasses that are falling a part. I have to constantly borrow money so I can afford my rent. I don’t go out. I can’t afford to have a simple drink with a friend once in awhile. This company not only works you into the ground, it wants more. It’s an all consuming machine that keeps telling me I need to work even harder, and I’m not trying enough. All while cutting my hours, and finding new ways to pay me even less. I can’t even have two days off months in advanced requested. That is asking Target way too much.

Since I’ve been here, damn near every one I’ve worked with over the span of a year has quit. All the super stars trying to become store managers, left. They realized that working hard, and being dedicated is a losing battle. The new hires look down on me because I’m no longer that fresh faced go getter. I feel bad for them. They think running around throwing boxes on the shelves leads to a promotion, or a raise. No, all it does is have people like me sent home early, and more work stacked up on your back. Target salivates at the mouth when they hire these idiots, because now they can schedule even less people through out the day. Expect to be called in on your days off as well. Target wants you to live inside the building. Surrender your entire existence to their goals, give a hundred and twenty perfect of effort, and give you absolutely nothing. If Target were allowed to make people work for them for free, they would in a heart beat.

I start a new job in a few weeks. These people are not going to get two weeks. Eye for an eye.


Employee Experience


  • poohbear80 says:

    so true. sad thing is the store where i work at are full of minions that don't care about anything and have no problem living in the store and bending over backwards. one person said about working last thanksgiving for black friday "well it kinda stinks but it's understandable" just matter of factly.

  • rainprincess64 says:

    I will say I'm very lucky I was able to live at home while I worked as a cashier there. $250 post holiday paychecks are a complete joke. Even a little less than $600 biweekly paychecks if you're lucky to get that many hours are barely enough for most anyone. Tarshit wants to pay part time for full time work, it's ridiculous. It scares me to think that even team leads at my store are on food stamps and sometimes go days without eating their pay is that terrible... and they work full time!

    I am very glad you're out of there soon. I remember the amazing feeling of handing in my 2 weeks notice... oh it was AWESOME! Hopefully your new employer is far better and you no longer have to borrow money for rent.

  • Silverfox says:

    Sounds like tarshit wants people to go back to the primitive ages food wise. um this is 2015 not the primitive ages.

  • Flyers000 says:

    It seems more and more stores are becoming like this. It's sad to work that hard and not be able to have a meal. Congrats on getting out!

    Lol I gotta's so strange being at my new job and getting a lecture for carrying something too heavy (management brought me over a utility cart for the box for me to use). I explained I'm not used to this . I'm used to being told to carry furniture around with no help. point is target brainwashes you so when you get a decent job you're actually shocked when people treat you well!

  • Silverfox says:

    Seems like corporate lost a shit ton of money up here in Canada and is trying to recoup their losses by taking it out on their employees down in the states. News flash target, it's not helping and will create the exact same problems that cause your downfall in canada. Empty shelves . Don't worry eventually it'll catch up with them.

  • Pimpster McShizzle says:

    If it didnt foul up the backrooms day (not cool i know), Id say put a backstock clip on all that shit and say look it took under an hour!


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