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December 22, 2018 - winkaka01

Warning to the Target all stars

I worked the truck line. I am a girl who can handle the weight of most of the inventory. But I can’t toss multiple items of extreme weight on my back, and pile them perfectly onto the pallets at high speed. One of my co-workers was a Target All Star. One of those arrogantly proud employees who went up and above, truly believing that corporate will one day see him, and eventually give ten fucks about his efforts. I was put on the pallet section of the line that furniture, cat liter, seasonal, and chemicals get placed on. These items start at fifty pounds, and go up from there. My all-star coworker worked paper, make up, medicine, and kitchen. As a petite woman, I had to damn near throw myself over the top of a good amount of the heavy items, and tug them off using my entire body weight. After ten minutes straight of doing this, I was absolutely exhausted. Some times I even hurt myself. I would often stop when there was an open minute of packages not coming through, just to catch my breathe for a minute. My all-star coworker would see this, and become absolutely furious with me. He would shout out things like: “Must be nice to just stand there and do nothing!” He expected me to run up and down the line, if I wasn’t placing hundred pound pieces of furniture on my pallet. Honestly, I just couldn’t. I didn’t have enough strength in my body to comply to that demand. Secondly, he was such a dick sandwich, I didn’t want to please him. So I just defiantly decided to not do so.

There was a second All Star co-worker working the same line with me. He was a guy who expected the pallets to be perfectly stacked. We are talking boxes that are so tightly aligned, air can’t travel through the cracks. I had five pallets assigned to me. All of my items were the absolutely heaviest. When I was unable to stack the products to his strict specifications, he would take the time out to just lose his mind on me. He would walk over to my pallets, and knock everything off in a very violent manner. I already had a hard time taking the massive piece of furniture off the pallet as it is, and now I have to bend all the way down to pick them off the floor. While I’m doing this, the first All Star stats singing: “She’s so lazy! What do you expect from some one that doesn’t want to work!”

The last straw was when I was trying to pull off thirty boxes of cat liter in a row off the belt. We got backed up. No one wanted to help me. My co-workers thought it would be better to stand there, and stare at me. The guy who knocked my items off my pallets, decided to give the back room a real show. He yelled at me. Then proceeded to walk over to those thirty boxes of cat liter, and knock them all off onto the floor. The first All Star co-worker clapped and proceeded to inform everyone on looking: “If you’re not going to work, then this is what you get!” The Second co-worker got mad at the fact that not all of the boxes fell. So he walked over to the surviving products, grabbed them, and shoved them as hard as he could down the belt. I was trying to take a box off the line, when one of the shoved items slammed by hand. I was sliced open.

I walked over to my supervisor, and showed him the wound. I was bleeding every where. I asked this guy to take me off the damn line numerous times, and he wouldn’t. I stated my case, and he didn’t care. I remember walking over to him, and this look washed over his face. I call it the: “Oh…it’s this bitch again” face. I showed him my wound, and he told me that he didn’t have any one else to replace me on the line. Which was total bull shit. So I decided it was time to hand him my badge, my apron, and just walk out of there.

Both all-star co-workers quit Target. They were hoping that going up and above would promote them to running the store. That never happened. None of any of the things that they did for the company ever mattered. The co-worker that sang songs of my laziness went to work at a call center. Unloading trucks according to corporate’s impossible time limit wasn’t worth it, was it asshole?


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