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February 12, 2017 - winkaka01

Severe Inequality

I was in the break room eating my lunch with the logistics team, when my ETL brought in a visitor to talk to us. He was a man representing Untied Way. If you can’t pay your rent, or make enough to eat, this organization will help you do so. Not a single person in the room makes enough to put food on the table. He informed us that if we needed help, please come visit their head quarters in town. United Way is aware that most of us are going hungry. The worst part, Target knows, and has authorized United Way to come into their stores to compensate for the low wages and poor hours.

The next day, our ETL informs us we will be getting a visit from some corporate executives. Our store isn’t performing to their standards, and they want to find out why in person. We are told they are flying in on a private jet to see us. I guess this is our ETLs way of trying to really press that these people are a huge deal. The only thing it did was really piss me off. Not motivate me to suddenly square up. I can barely afford to survive, and these people live in the absolute lap of luxury. They are coming to our store not to inspire us or help. But to fix things so they get even more money off our backs, because the exorbitant amount they earn is clearly not enough.

Not one of those executive even shook our hands. Employees used to be a company’s future. Now they are simply disposable cogs. So why learn names or get personal? They just walked right passed us like we didn’t exist, and demanded to know how much money in sales the grocery department was making. They gave our ETL advice on how to make the store more money. (For just them, of course) Then they promptly left. Changes where made to match their demands. But guess what. Nothing in the store got better. Production, customer service and sales got worse. A ton of employees quit. Why? Because the employees don’t give a fuck. If you want a business to thrive, take care of your people. If you want more red cards, the store to become “green”, or higher productivity. Make that shit worth it. If I have to talk across the street, and visit a food pantry after I work…While you, the executives, get to bathe in high end champagne. I’m going to give you an eight dollar an hour, no benefits, no future effort.

Yes. Corporate gave target a ten dollar an hour raise. They just adjust hours so you make the same shit wages that you get when it was eight.

I know writing this story will make no difference. I am dead sure corporate is aware of the high turn over, because of how they act around the little people when they visit. They know none of us will be promoted, and will more than likely leave. So they treat us accordingly. I am just taking the time out to encourage people to not work here. All you will achieve being an all star at Target is just getting handed more work. This company is designed to make only a small handful of people rich at your expense, and they won’t miss you when you walk out. Believe me.


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