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July 7, 2011 - winkaka01

Being Fired From Target A Benefit

Unfortunately I worked for Target for almost a year. It felt like a spirit crushing void the entire time I was there. I started out making six bucks an hour, and left making 6.05 an hour. If you pass your ninety days, you get a five cent raise. My store manager was an over weight blob that was so lazy, she hired another Manager to cover the floor so she never had to leave her office. My job was “Zoning”. You pull merchandize from the back of the shelf to the front, so it gives the illusion that the store is always fully stocked. Within a week I completely mastered the job. My pay checks every two weeks were a little over two hundred bucks, or a little under that. I had absolutely no future working there for that pay. My friend had been working there for five years and made only $8.50 an hour. He was never considered for a Team Lead position. I was not enthusiastic. I was no excited about being there. I looked at my watch every second I was there. The Manager pulled me a side and lectured me on her wanting me to have a consistent smile on my face. Over what? Every day is exactly the same, and there is nothing left to learn. I can’t afford an apartment, even think about making a car payment, and one phone bill eats up more than half my pay check. I asked the fat blob in the back room if I could fix my schedule so I could go to college and get an education. She told me if she let me do that, then she would have to let every one go to school. I am not special, there fore, shut up and zone the shelves. Another month passed and I was still doing the same exact lame job for the same bogus pay. I passed my ninety days, but was told I was not going to be signed on full time. So now I get no medical benefits or a 401(k). I asked the blob one last time if I could have the opportunity to better myself. She turned me down. That is when I started calling in. My shift was always during the worst time of the day, and I had no life. My family and friends were out doing things while I was working based on my hours. So I would come home to closed stores and restaurants. Just enough time to eat and go to bed. I got warned to stop calling in. I called in any way, and came late intentionally. The last night the Manager hired to walk around noticed I was dressed up. It was my day off and I was picking up my friend that had been working there for five years. She walked over and said: “Oh I see your going out. Well both of you better not call in tomorrow.” She was laughing, but was serious at the same time. Well, he showed up. I didn’t. My family was going out to do something really fun the next day, and I wasn’t going to miss out on it for a wage thats lower than what McDonalds pays. I was called into the swamp creature’s office. She informed me she was letting me go. “You looked bored any way,” She added. “I saw you on camera while you were working.” I was a little pissed. Not because I was getting fired from the black hole of death, but because the asshole could have just called me. I had to drive all the way there. I could have just nodded my head and hung up on her. I signed the papers and went home. I lived my life. A month later I joined the military. I saw the world and experienced so many unique things. I am now completing my Masters Degree with the college money Target can’t provide. Interesting enough, my five year friend gave up on Target as well. He got his degree and went on to run a large well known company. The blob also left. Apparently she couldn’t make ends meet either, and completely left the company for a bigger one. Yes, she is still sitting on her fat ass in an office. I walked into the old store during a leave period after a deployment. not a single person working there when I was, is still there. Every one is gone. There are some people that make a career out of this place. They are retired, over the age of sixty, and are just there because they are tired of staying at home in the mobile home all day. Target is gate way job. You start out, catch a little bit of experience, and then find something else…


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  • targetbendsmeover says:

    what a great story

  • jim says:

    Pshaw same blob must have moved or at least molted in the store I work at. Ha.

  • thomas says:

    I like to hear the horror stories about people being fired from Target. Jobs at places like these are nothing but boring and monotonous work. It is amazing that the people they keep cannot do diddly squat correctly and they ge6t rid of all the hard working people.


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