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  • June 30, 2015 - Hate It

    Super Target Cart Attendant

    I’ve been reading topics here for quite some time now, and now I feel I want to express myself as well.

    Note I’M only 17 and the other cart attendants are 16 and 17.  Other nights they have past cart attendants closing.

    I’ve been at Super Target since October as a cart attendant and USED to cashier, but haven’t been scheduled at it in months.

  • May 14, 2015 - Twispy

    Cart Attendant more like slave

    You know I found this site after they called me for the interview. I wanted to know what is like being cart attendant. I read some stories and I said to myself “Ehh it won’t happen to me” and boy I was wrong. They hire me in March of this year and I want to get out already. Wow where to start???

    1. The freaking LOD and GSTL think you’re a slave and they could talk to you as if you were crap. One time one of them said something disrespectful that I just rolled my eyes. I don’t like being treated as crap. Even some of your fellow team members think they are your leader.

  • December 28, 2014 - cartattendantcj

    The dormant cart attendant.

    I’m so happy to see I’m not the only cart attendant that does everything. In a typical day I do the carts of course, dispose of the trash from target cafe, the outside, and from behind guest service, take back the defectives fro guest service including salvage, crc, and vendor pickup items, empty the hangars, make sure the battery cart on the checklanes is full with batteries from electronics, occassionally do a cart of reshop or one or two pulls if its not the holidays, take care of cardboard including making bales if needed, and responding to carry outs/ spills/ backup cashier requests(fuck those) when needed.

    And I do it all with a smile, because one day I’m going to blow, and that will be my last day at target.

  • November 21, 2014 - Spodee Fontaine

    already over it.

    I’ve been at Target for about a month now, and I can already say it sucks and I don’t see it getting any better.  Being a cart attendant, I knew I was going to get shit on by the higher ups, however there was one instance where a guest shit his pants and tried to flush the shitty underwear down the toilet, however it did not go down, so after he wiped he proceded to go more on top of the toilet paper wall and shitty underpants.  Also, I’m guessing when he was taking off the pants that poo was spilling out the underwear because there was shit all over the floor and on top of the toilet.  I was told to clean it up and that’s it.  They didn’t give me anything, just a fucking plunger. So I had to scramble to find anything that I think would clean it up and get rid of the smell, along with layers of gloves. Then after it’s all finished and I’m walking back, I get bitched at that there are no carts at the entrances. I’m sorry, I was just in the middle of a bio hazard and it took me a while to clean up. Maybe if you scheduled more than one cart attendant we wouldn’t have this problem.

  • October 11, 2014 - Lara Schmidt

    To all cart attendants

    I saw how hard the CAs in my Target worked during the time I was there, so I helped them in every way I could.  I would corral stray carts and collect the overflow of shopping baskets at my register.  When they came to collect my hangers, I made sure I put the hanger bin on my checkout counter so that they didn’t have to bend down to get it.  When they handed me boxes of bags, I took the boxes from them and put them under my counter myself.  I yielded to them when they were maneuvering lines of carts.  There was so much witchiness in my store that I had to be nice to someone, so I chose to bestow goodness on them.  The CAs were always nice to me, so they deserved it.  Saying a prayer for them all that they will eventually find better gigs than Target.

  • June 19, 2014 - Sasquatch

    Target in Kemah, Texas

    So I’ve been with target for 2 months now, and this is what I’ve gotten so far. I work as cart attendant and rarely as cashier. I love being outside doing carts(if it wasn’t so hot out). But every time i get one side caught up and the other side is completely empty, our LOD asks me to cover a couple of breaks. So when i’m done with that and i go back out to do carts, 5 minutes into it, i get a call on the walkie saying “cart attendant, we have no carts on blue side”. and I can’t say anything back to them except “that’s clear”. It’s like they’re completely oblivious as to why they have none. That, and now they have me come in from 1-5pm almost everyday except Sunday(i close), so from 8am-1pm no one is getting carts. SO when i come in, we have none and i get a “talking to” that i need to start hustling to get the carts in.


    My two supervisors, who are the worst people ever, can never be found on the front lanes like they have to be.

  • September 8, 2013 - TargettedCartguy

    Targetted by the Target Corp.

    Hi everyone, I’ve read a bunch of people’s horror stories of having to work at Target and having worked for them myself back in the day I thought I would share my experiences.


    I started working at Target back in 2006, collecting carts — seems like a common job among people here and unanimously hated for obvious reasons. The first thing I noticed straight off that I disliked about the job was that they expected me to have check lanes stocked with paper and plastic bags and have the bathrooms and floors and spills cleaned all while I am supposed to be gathering carts from the parking lot and occasionally zoning the store for stray carts. If doing those extras IS part of the job description (it didn’t seem like it was at the time I was hired, I just remember after starting my first day that a GSTL mentioned in passing that every hour or so I should check the bathroom for messes and what not), it seems like they should just break down and hire a full time janitor to be cleaning the bathrooms and any and all spills that occur on the Target racetrack during the day (but it’s much more cost-effective and more fun to punk around an already dogged employee and make him do all of the grunt work in addition to his own overbearing schedule while covering for his lazy cart attendant co-workers who seem to believe that hanging out by the magazine racks and discussing things like Pokemon and Football are efficient uses of company time and money.

  • July 22, 2013 - pushingredcartsblows

    The Bulls-eye is nothing but Bullshit.

    • push carts
    • spill stations
    • clean bathrooms
    • fill bags
    • clean spills
    • trash
    • crc/salvage
    • hangers
    • vacuum entrance/exit
    • back up front lanes
    • carryout
    • assist guests on floor
    • collect strays
    • and any other side job a lod. ap. gstl. anyone without the title cart attendant pretty much
    • cart attendant shifts suck ass too you have worst hour starts 10-630 there goes my fucken day right?